1. Cheese of the Week: Bianchina


    • Producer: Nicolau Farms
    • Region: Modesto, CA
    • Milk: Pasteurized jersey cow and goat’s milk
    • Ripening: 10 days
    • Texture: Soft


    "We turn grass into milk into cheese into happiness," states Walter Nicolau III. His family homestead is one of the few in the Central Valley that raises their own livestock, grows their own forage, and produces milk directly on the farm. Named after one of their beloved goats, Nicolau Farms introduces their new Bianchina cheese. Inspired by traditional cheese-making methods, they combined jersey cow and goat’s milk with all natural goat rennet. After aging for only 10 days, the bright white color of the rind and paste signifies the freshness of the cheese. The finished two pound wheel is creamiest under the rind and increases in density towards the center. Bianchina brings together the buttery texture of jersey cow’s milk with the bright and grassy flavor of goat’s milk. Spread Bianchina on your favorite crusty bread to experience its smooth taste.

    Find out more about Nicolau Farms.

  2. Haig’s Delicacies: Bringing the Mediterranean to the Bay Area

    It’s hard to believe, but it wasn’t always easy to find good falafel in San Francisco. An Armenian immigrant named Haig changed that when he opened his small shop in 1956. On a popular corner in the Richmond District, Haig began serving traditional Mediterranean foods and selling rare international spices, coffees, teas and gifts. His shop was one of the first to sell falafel sandwiches in the city, and chef and writer James Beard was a frequent visitor.


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  3. MONSTER ALERT: The Bay Tripper, over a kilo of yum!

    Meet the Bay Tripper. This colossal sandwich serves 4-8 people and weighs 2 3/4 lbs, which means it is perfect for any adventure: picnics, parties, hikes, rafting trips, wine tasting, sporting events…you name it!

    Savor a one-of-a-kind combination of mouthwatering flavors. We slather an entire loaf of Napa Valley Rustic Bread with homemade Garlic Pesto Mayo, then stack on bold 3 Pepper Colby Jack cheese, Mollie’s Own Roast Beef, Oven Gold Turkey, salty crushed Fritos, savory red and yellow marinated peppers and crisp green lettuce.

    Start your next trip at your local Mollie Stone’s deli. Is your group up for the Bay Tripper challenge? Share your experience enjoying this monster by tagging your Instagram and Twitter photos with #BayTripper and #MollieStones.

  4. What’s as big as a softball and great in guacamole?

    The late summer months have arrived, which means California grown Reed avocados are now in season. Mollie Stone’s Markets is proud to carry the Reed avocado this year, as availability is limited and their season is shorter than that of the California Hass avocado offered from spring to fall. The Reed avocado season runs roughly from July through September, so you’ll need to get these while you can!


    Why Reed Avocados Are Unique

    About 95% of the avocados available in the market are Hass, a variety cultivated in La Habra Heights, CA that is now grown all over the world. However, the Reed avocado makes up only a small part of the remaining 5% of non-Hass varieties,and is grown by far fewer growers in California. 

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  5. We All Scream for Ice Cream

    In honor of National Ice Cream Day on July 21, we couldn’t resist delving deeper into one America’s all-time beloved desserts. In fact, the United States is the top consumer of ice cream in the world! We are all familiar with our tried and true favorites, but what else is out there? For those with dietary concerns or just interested in trying something new, options abound for other kinds of cold sweet treats. If you are overwhelmed by the variety of pints lining your freezer aisle, here are some facts to help:

    1. Ice Cream: The old standby of childhood memories, the main ingredients in traditional ice cream are milk and cream.These components result in high fat and calorie content, but also give ice cream that signature rich and creamy taste. Churning the ice cream hard and fast gives it added air for a smooth, fluffy texture. Two of our new favorites are Three Twins and Straus Family Creamery, both hailing from local Petaluma, CA and taking ice cream to the next level.


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