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Introducing our New Grilled Cheeses, Mollie Melts


You know what goes great with a foggy chilly San Francisco day—a Mollie Melt. Who doesn’t love an oozing tasty grilled cheese sandwich?

Our Executive Chef experimented to find the very best Mollie Melt flavor combos and then grilled these sandwiches to perfection. They’re now available at all Mollie Stone’s Markets locations except Sausalito.


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Indulge Local: Marin French Cheese

Petite-Breakfast-NewLogo“From our Marin French Cheese family to yours, we extend our heartiest congratulations for your 30 years of success. We’re honored to be a part of your business and applaud the goodwill you’ve built in the community, all while staying true to your roots!” – Marin French Cheese

For nearly 150 years Marin French Cheese has been operating in Marin County.

Founder Jefferson Thompson started making deliciously fresh artisan cheese using milk from his dairy cows in West Marin and shipped it to the hungry dockworkers in San Francisco. He soon became renown for his European style cheeses—soft-ripened Brie, Camembert and a simple treat called Breakfast Cheese. Today, they continue to craft cheese in small batches using traditional cultures coaxing the distinctly coastal California character and flavor into every cheese.

Working with Marin French to provide you the very best local artisan cheeses has been simply wonderful. We are so lucky to have such an amazing cheese producer local!

Find these 5 Marin French Cheeses in our stores:

1. Marin French Petite Breakfast Cheese
This is a fresh unripened Brie fluffed with a dollop of cream that’s creamy, mild and buttery.
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Holiday Cheese Pairings


Entertain in style with these beautiful and delicious Holiday cheese pairings:

Foggy Morning + Raspberry Jelly

This 100% organic farmstead cow’s milk cheese from Nicasio Valley Cheese company is a little tangy, soft and spreadable. Foggy Morning is extremely delicate and fluffy with a sour cream aroma that plays off the sweetness of the rose petals in Can Bech’s raspberry jelly. Tasting this combo is like what we imagine walking on clouds feels like. Continue reading