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2024 Mollie’s Outdoor BBQ Schedule!

Hey Greenbrae, Sausalito and Palo Alto neighbors, starting Friday, May 24th, from 11am-2pm, our Chefs are firing up the grill with a special BBQ lunch menu just for you.

This year we are thrilled to announce our brand new Mix & Match Slider Bar! Join us for lunch every Friday until the end of September for delicious BBQ sandwiches, sliders and house made chips at these select locations.

The Menu:

Every sandwich or slider comes with a side of more

Cinco de Mayo

California Avocado Fish Tacos

Celebrate Cinco de Mayo West Coast style with California Fish Tacos, made with peak -of-the-season California Avocados!

Smoky citrus-marinated grilled fish and creamy California Avocado makes ordinary fish tacos “California fish tacos”. Using different fresh fish and creative toppings is an easy way to vary the simple recipe. What’s not to love about these taco packed with great taste and nutrition!

California Fish Tacos

Recipe courtesy of California Avocados


1 cup orange juice, or tangerine or clementine juice 2 Tbsp. more
Earth Day

Celebrating Sustainability

Happy Earth Day! At Mollie Stone’s Markets, our Buyers are constantly searching for the highest quality products. For us, the definition of highest quality includes sustainable and regenerative practices.

We know that one of the first steps you can take towards your journey to green living is when you shop local and shop sustainably.

That is why we are so proud to carry as many products as possible that are good for you and the planet.

California Avocados, Clover more


Tomato Herb California Baked Eggs

Rise and shine! The sun is shining here in our beautiful golden state, and what better way to celebrate the new day than a dish that belongs at the center of your brunch table!

This take on traditional baked eggs is rich and creamy, and filled with a variety of fresh California-grown ingredients. This recipe highlights spring season all-stars like Mollie’s Cage-Free Eggs, California Avocados, California Cherry Tomatoes and much more.

Tomato Herb California Baked Eggs


2 TBSPS Real more
Mollie Stone's Markets, Recipes

Protein Puff Crunch Chicken Tenders with Hot Honey Yogurt Dip

Looking for something packed with protein and delicious? Protein Puff Crunch Chicken Tenders with a Hot Honey Yogurt Dip combines the perfect amount of crunch, that craveable cheese flavor, and just a bit of heat to satisfy your tastebuds.

In Good Hands Protein Puffs are a quick and easy way to add 12 grams of milk protein to your everyday meal solutions. Not only are they made with Real California Milk, but they are also gluten-free with only 1 gram more

Mollie Stone's Markets

Celebrating Women Owned

Today is International Women’s Day and we are proud to celebrate some of our favorite Women Owned brands!

From an award-winning producer of artisan cheese, to a tinned seafood brand aiming to become a staple in every household cupboard, to a gourmet cookie with chef-inspired flavors, our shelves are full of brands with women at the forefront that truly are history in the making!

Our name-sake Mollie Stone made a difference in people’s lives through her work in the more

Game Day


Go all in for the Big Game with an all-star game day snacking spread!

Who is the real MVP of Big Game snacks this weekend? In Good Hands Protein Puffs – a Mollie Stone’s Exclusive!

In Good Hands is committed to creating simple, healthy protein-packed products made from Real California milk from Real, multi-generational farms. Each bag includes 24g of milk protein and is also gluten-free.

Sustainability is championed at all farms and facilities. All Real California Milk farms more


Real California Milk – Butter Coffee

#Newyearnewyou calls for new habits to jumpstart your mornings. 

Low in carbs and high in fats, butter coffee is a keto and paleo-friendly, energizing drink for both your brain and your body to get you through the day. 

Made with just pure whey cream (and sometimes sea salt), Móinéar farmhouse artisanal butter adds a creamy texture to this satiating recipe that keeps you full longer to power through wherever your day takes you; and even better, it’s made locally more

Holiday, Recipes


The holidays are a time to gather and enjoy. Below are some of our favorite ways to help you host for the holidays with delicious recipes using amazing California ingredients. We have an extravagant and oh-so simple to assemble cheese and charcuterie wreath and a truly sensational lemon cocktail.

Winter Cheese & Charcuterie Wreath

Recipe courtesy of California Grown

This extravagant and oh-so simple to assemble cheese and charcuterie wreath will have your guests going round and round as more

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Holiday Hot Mulled Apple Cider

The holiday season has officially arrived! Decorations are going up and holiday meals are being planned.

At your next festive gathering get everyone into the holiday spirit by filling the air with the aroma of hot mulled apple cider. It’s as delicious as it is cozy. 

Below is our special recipe using our new Mollie Stone’s Organic Gravenstein Apple Juice, along with some seasonal favorites from our Produce Department, and classic warm spices, to make your very own hot more