Mollie Stone’s Markets Goes Cage-Free

Mollie Stone's Markets Goes Cage-Free

SAN FRANCISCO BAY AREA – Mollie Stone’s Markets is working with suppliers to transition to a fully cage-free supply chain.

What does it mean to be cage-free? Cage-free hens are able to freely move around, spread their wings, interact with other hens, and lay their eggs in nests – all outside of a cage. This is a drastic difference from battery hens, who are confined to letter-sized, wired cages, living in poor conditions. These battery hens are unable to move around, spread their wings, perch, or partake in any activity conducive to a healthy lifestyle. They are often small in size and develop health problems that can affect their eggs. Going cage-free means better animal welfare for the hens and providing a better product for our customers.

We are proud to share that our egg selection is currently 70% cage-free, and we are on track to meet our goal of being 100% cage-free by 2020. Eggs are available in the refrigerated section at all locations of Mollie Stone’s Markets.