What’s as big as a softball and great in guacamole?

The late summer months have arrived, which means California grown Reed avocados are now in season. Mollie Stone’s Markets is proud to carry the Reed avocado this year, as availability is limited and their season is shorter than that of the California Hass avocado offered from spring to fall. The Reed avocado season runs roughly from July through September, so you’ll need to get these while you can!


Why Reed Avocados Are Unique

About 95% of the avocados available in the market are Hass, a variety cultivated in La Habra Heights, CA that is now grown all over the world. However, the Reed avocado makes up only a small part of the remaining 5% of non-Hass varieties,and is grown by far fewer growers in California. 

Key differences include:

  • Shape: It has a rounder, almost softball-like shape versus the pear-shaped Hass
  • Size: The Reed can be up to twice as large as a Hass avocado (many weighing over a pound!)
  • Texture: Its skin is smoother and thicker compared to the bumpier exterior of the Hass.
  • Seed:Flesh Ratio: When you cut open a Reed, you will notice that the pit is around the same size as that of the Hass.
  • Ripening: The green skin may not darken to the purplish color that a Hass avocado will have when it ripens. It’s beste to test for ripeness by squeezing with your palm to see if it yields to gentle pressure.
  • Taste: The Reed avocado is known for its creamy and distinctively buttery flavor.


The Reed can be enjoyed any way you like to use a Haas, but there are fantastic recipes that make the most of its unique qualities:

1. Chopped Summer Salad: The large chunks of avocado in this recipe make it perfect for adapting to the size of the fruit. Let the Reed avocado shine!

2. SoCal Guacamole: It seems only right to pair these avocados grown in San Diego with a guacamole recipe from a San Diego based chef. We like it chunky, and because the Reed is a larger avocado, you can scale back the number needed to three or four Reeds.

3. Summer Stuffed Avocados: Stuff that big Reed avocado with in-season California blueberries and corn, and then drizzle with a delightful and refreshing honey, mango and onion sauce. Scoop right out of the shell with a spoon for lunch!

We can’t wait to hear what you think of the Reed avocado, sent directly to us from our friends at Del Rey Avocado in San Diego. They are in close proximity to a grove in Fallbrook, which will be supplying us with these avocados for the few delicious months that they will be available.

How will you enjoy this special avocado?

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