The Most Vibrant Sign of Spring: California Grown Tulips

One of our favorite spring flowers are Tulips, which are in full bloom just in time for Mother’s Day each year. Our selection of tulips is grown by Sun Valley Floral Farms in Northern California, just as Mother Nature intended – in soil, after going through a nice, cold “winter.” The premium bulbs used by Sun Valley’s growers (Lane, Tim & Tanner) produce sturdy tulips with vibrant-colored large buds, intense dark-green foliage and a long vase life.

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Each year, our floral expert, Lisa, selects a variety from Sun Valley to cover the entire spectrum of the rainbow. Keep reading to learn more about this year’s selection and for special tips to take care of these delicate beauties at home.


1. Haakuun: A brilliant and angelic white tulip.

2. Leen van der Mark: Richly colored carmine red petals smoothly feathered and based in ivory-gold. Smooth, rounded oval form.

3. Rosaly: Softly hued, misty pink pure-color petals delicately wrapped in a smooth, oval form.

4. Negritta: Appealingly simple. Solid red-violet petals glazed in translucent blue. Poised, rounded oval form on 14-15 inch stems.

5. Ile de France: Scarlet red shimmers at the smooth folds of the petals. Rounded Darwin form poised on 14-15 inch stems.

6. World’s Favorite: Glossy, persimmon orange petals with an even dip of green in the base and golden feathers brushed on the outer edges. Distinctive green center bears a black motif with a yellow glow and black anthers.

7. Carola: A flirty, fun pink tulip that is passionate pink with a white center.

8. Strong Gold: An upright, bold, yellow tulip with graceful form punctuated by pointed petal tips.


1. Trim stem ends while tulips are still in the sleeve to create a fresh surface to absorb water. Always handle tulips gently to avoid bruising.

2. Place into vase filled with clean water and floral preservative, leaving tulips in sleeve for 4 hours. This allows them to rehydrate and strengthen. (If a tulip hydrates in a limp position, it will maintain the limp form.)

3. Remove sleeve from tulips.

4. Keep in a cool location out of direct sunlight. Replenish water as needed and enjoy!

Note that tulips are ethylene sensitive (which comes from fresh vegetables and fruits, especially bananas) which makes them open faster, but also age faster. Ventilate well and avoid storing with fruits and vegetables. After a day, your arrangement may seem a bit larger. Tulips continue to grow for about a day after they are placed in water.