Tim Lincecum “Chips” In

Hungry for change? Tim Lincecum is too.

popchips and San Francisco’s all-star pitcher Tim Lincecum have teamed up to give back to the Bay Area. popchips recruited Tim and 14 other pro athletes from across the country to be a part of a new program called Game Changers. Anyone can submit ideas for how to help our local communities, and each athlete will select one cause from the top five most popular ideas to lend a hand in his or her community.

Tim is one of the most recognizable stars in sports with his trademark long hair and unique pitching style. He is the only pitcher to have won two Cy Young awards in his first two full seasons, and helped lead the Giants to a World Series title in his third season in 2010.

Excited to be a part of Game Changers, Tim said:

“San Francisco is a great city to play baseball in. We have awesome fans and their support is a big part of our team’s success. The popchips Game Changers program is a chance to give back to the fans that support us. There are going to be a lot of worthy causes, but I’m sure the fans will vote wisely!”

So, let your ideas pop! Have a local charity or cause in mind yet? Tell Tim how you think he should chip in by submitting your idea here by April 30, 2012.