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Buster Posey’s Secret Weapon: BODYARMOR

The baseball season is long and grueling, and in order to perform at his best on the field each day, Buster Posey takes his training and nutrition seriously. Buster was introduced to BODYARMOR sports drink a couple of years ago and has since made it a key part of his daily routine. He joins an impressive roster of young, superstar athletes including Andrew Luck, Mike Trout, LeSean McCoy, Rob Gronkowski, James Harden and Kevin Love.

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Tim Lincecum “Chips” In

Hungry for change? Tim Lincecum is too.

popchips and San Francisco’s all-star pitcher Tim Lincecum have teamed up to give back to the Bay Area. popchips recruited Tim and 14 other pro athletes from across the country to be a part of a new program called Game Changers. Anyone can submit ideas for how to help our local communities, and each athlete will select one cause from the top five most popular ideas to lend a hand in his or her community.

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