American Craft Beer Week Picks


American Craft Beer Week runs from May 16th-22nd. It’s a wonderful time to stock up on these local West Coast craft brews, get together with friends and taste the greatness. Here are our picks to commemorate American Craft Beer Week:

Pine St. Brewery Brain Drops India Pale Kölsch

Right out of your backyard from Pine Street in San Francisco, this 6% ABV limited release hails a refreshing mix of an India Pail Ale and Kolsch. Combining the yeast and malts from a Kolsch and the hops from an IPA, Braindrops will leave you smiling!

Headlands Pt. Bonita Lager

A Bohemian Pilsner that’s nice and spicy from the rye, and has just enough noble hop character and body from the rustic grains. It’s light, crisp, refreshing and it’s named after the Point Bonita Lighthouse in the Headlands (5.3% ABV).

Marin Brewing Mt Tam Pale Ale

From Larkspur, California, the Mt. Tam Pale Ale is Marin Brewing Company’s best-selling flagship brew! It has a bright golden color, a medium body and a smooth taste (5.5% ABV).

Modern Times Blazing World

From sunny San Diego, California, this luxuriously hoppy amber loaded up with some of the fruitiest, dankest hops sweet, sweet money can buy. A pleasingly dry, sporting a lightly bready malt backbone that serves as platform for the huge & complex hop profile (6.6% ABV).

Track Seven Slow Roll Session IPA

From the capital of our Golden State, Sacramento, this brew is a light gold color with a rock white head (4.9 % ABV). It’s hop profile features tropical and pine elements while the nose is tropical. There’s also a light addition of crystal malt.

Sufferfest Epic Pils

Another one from our amazing city of San Francisco, this brew is big, bright and especially satisfying on a hot day (5.1% ABV). With full-bodied earth tones and a hint of spice, the Epic’s Saaz hops brings a zesty start, followed by a rich grain flavor to finish like a winner. Epic, indeed!