Triple Voodoo’s Success First Brewed At Mollie Stone’s

From Kiley, Mollie Stone’s Craft Beer Expert


In late 2009, a friend of Mollie Stone’s named Paul Saporita approached me and asked who managed the beer at our Burlingame store because he loved our selection. I told him I did, and asked why. Paul told me that he and a few buddies brewed a beer that was on top at several high end beer destinations including Pi Bar, Rosamunde and Monk’s Kettle. They were brewing a Belgian, which was somewhat uncommon at the time because most brewers were focusing on super hoppy beers. Intrigued, I asked him the name of his brewery and he told me they were called Cherry Voodoo at the time.

A couple months went by, and Paul asked for my advice on what type of packaging would be best: 6-packs, 22oz, 750ml cast and corked? With the high ABV, they went with a 22oz bottle for their first retail introduction, Inception. It is still out today. The new brewery name became Triple Voodoo, partly because people were confused and thought the beer had cherries in it. The new name has been a perfect fit because “triple” is a Belgian style of beer.

Triple Voodoo has been growing quickly. When Mollie Stone’s promoted Inception in our Weekly Ad, the response was so positive that the distributor ran out of stock. Triple Voodoo owner Greg Kitchen had to personally deliver cases in the back of his pickup truck with his dog, Voodoo. It was classic!

Fast forward to 2014, and Triple Voodoo has opened a beautiful taproom and brewery in the Dogpatch – one of SF’s most up and coming neighborhoods that is near AT&T Park. We visited the new taproom for a tasting and got to experience some of its first releases. I can already tell you there are great new beers to come.

Right now, you can try one of these 22oz Triple Voodoo beers at home:

  • Inception Belgian Style Ale is not brewed in traditional Belgian style like traditional Trappist ales. Inception is bright and clear with a sharp alcohol note in the beginning and an added twist of black currant in the center of the flavor profile. The beer finishes clean and has a solid malty backbone. This unique flavor profile was achieved using a special hop varietal. The high hop load also makes it reminiscent of an IPA and gives it those unique California characteristics. 7% ABV
  • Grand Cru Premium Belgian Ale is brewed with Belgian style grains and hops with the addition of Honey, Blue Agave Nectar, Coriander and Orange Peel. All ingredients join forces in the aroma bouquet, resulting in an amazingly smooth yet complex experience in flavors. 9% ABV
  • 8 Tentacles Imperial IPA rises up from the abyss with its intense malt backbone and double dry hopped finish. Loaded with Cascade and Nugget hops, it is a force to be reckoned with. If that isn’t enough, it is fermented on American Oak to give it a full mouth feel and to pay tribute to the vessels that carried the first IPAs across the ocean. 8% ABV
  • Witopia Belgian Style Witbier is brewed with a generous portion of wheat and spiced with coriander and orange peel. This beer is fruity, refreshing and has a nice earthy tone. 5.5% ABV
  • King Leopold Belgian Stout is a rustic beer that is brewed with American and European dark malts as well as a portion of rolled oats. It is then fermented with a carefully chosen Belgian yeast strain for a unique flavor. 7% ABV


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