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Yeti Cooler Giveaway with Bavik

Bavik Super Pils, from Global Beer, is a true Belgian Pilsner with a smooth bitter taste. It’s 100% malt with absolutely no dilution, keeping true to its pilsner form. All of the delicious ingredients are added during the brewing process. It’s very light with a fine white head and its aftertaste is soft and round. This pilsner is made with no heat treatment, bringing you an unpasteurized Belgian pilsner with a super unique flavor that all beer lovers will enjoy. Learn more about this special product here.

Good news! Mollie Stone’s Markets and Bavik are teaming up for this special giveaway! Continue reading

Craft Beer 101

August is Craft Beer Month here at Mollie Stone’s, and we carry hundreds of varieties for you to taste. From pilsners to lagers, have fun experimenting to find your favorites. Craft beer is a result of great attention to the details of the unique brewing process of each kind of beer to produce just-the-right taste. Read on to learn more about what goes into the creation of handcrafted beers.

Brewing Craft Beer

We all know beer comes from brewing, but what exactly happens? Brewing is the process of malting cereal grains (commonly barley and wheat), followed by the fermentation of the sugars produced. Most beer is flavored with hops, the female flowers of the hop plant, to add bitterness and act as a natural preservative. Herbs and fruit may also be included to add a unique flavor. Continue reading

Triple Voodoo’s Success First Brewed At Mollie Stone’s

From Kiley, Mollie Stone’s Craft Beer Expert


In late 2009, a friend of Mollie Stone’s named Paul Saporita approached me and asked who managed the beer at our Burlingame store because he loved our selection. I told him I did, and asked why. Paul told me that he and a few buddies brewed a beer that was on top at several high end beer destinations including Pi Bar, Rosamunde and Monk’s Kettle. They were brewing a Belgian, which was somewhat uncommon at the time because most brewers were focusing on super hoppy beers. Intrigued, I asked him the name of his brewery and he told me they were called Cherry Voodoo at the time. Continue reading

Firestone Walker Brewing Company Introduces Their Firestone Anniversary Brew XVII

We went down to Paso Robles to see what was happening at the Firestone Walker Brewing Company since we’re about to stock their Anniversary Blend XVII. Many times I’ve passed the brewery and there are so many vehicles filling the parking lots that some are forced to line the frontage road along Highway 101. Continue reading

Mollie Stone’s Exclusive Hostage DIPA From Palo Alto Brewing Company Offers Variety And Freshness

Palo Alto Brewing Company brewer Kasim Syed teamed up with our Craft Beer Expert, Kiley, to collaborate on a special bottled brew produced exclusively for Mollie Stone’s: Hostage DIPA, a double IPA with 8% ABV. Because of this special relationship between PABC and Mollie Stone’s, you can expect unsurpassed freshness since the bottles reach our stores immediately after bottling. An added adventure for the craft beer drinker is that the beer will change in flavor and aroma hops periodically, taking advantage of newly released hops varieties. Continue reading