Grow your Greens with HAMAMA’s MicroGrow Kit

You may have seen the new HAMAMA products in the produce section lately. Their nifty MicroGrow™ Kits are making it easy for you to have the freshest possible microgreens – by growing them yourself!

Microgreens are your favorite leafy greens and veggies harvested early, as seedlings. This is when they’re most flavorful and – according to USDA research – up to 40x more nutritious than their mature versions. Microgreens make for a fancy garnish, a wholesome and hearty salad, or a satisfying crunch on your sandwich.

HAMAMA’s MicroGrow™ Kit makes growing these gorgeous greens at home mess-free and worry-free. All you do is add water to the MicroGrow™ Kit tray, plant one of the Seed Quilts™, and let the kit do the rest! 7-10 days later, you harvest your microgreens.

You can harvest all your microgreens at once or snip a bit at a time. No rush to eat them all at once – the rest will stay good for another week!

The MicroGrow™ Kit comes with easy growing instructions and two Seed Quilts™ for you to try: Daikon Radish and Salad Mix.

The Daikon Radish has a surprising, spicy kick, and the Salad Mix has all the healthy vegetables you could ask for: kale, broccoli, cauliflower, arugula, kohlrabi, and cabbage. You can store the Seed Quilt™ you don’t use right away in the pantry. Once you use up those first Seed Quilts™, pick up a Variety Pack Refill, which gets you 3 more Seed Quilts™: 1 Daikon Radish, 1 Salad Mix, and 1 Red Acre Cabbage. Red Acre Cabbage takes the prize for the most beautiful microgreen with its velvety green leaves and bright purple stems.

When HAMAMA co-founders Dan and Camille wanted to spruce up their diet with healthy microgreens, they tried growing them for themselves. The process was very time intensive and after many months of daily watering and strict attention, they decided to use their mechanical engineering backgrounds to automate the microgreens growing process. And that’s when the MicroGrow™ Kit and Seed Quilts™ were born!

Now, Dan and Camille are bringing HAMAMA products to everyone so that you can effortlessly grow these delicious, nutritious microgreens at home too.

HAMAMA’s MicroGreen Kit is available at Mollie Stone’s Markets! Find it in the Produce Department!

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