Easy Entertaining: The Perfect Summer Cheese Pairings

Summer Cheese Pairings - Perfect for Picnics

National Cheese Day is June 4th! Our resident cheese expert, Chelsea, is here with some of her favorite Summer cheese pairings!

With summer upon us, the season is providing beautiful stone fruits, berries, and other sweet produce. And what better way to serve this summer bounty than with cheese? Dress up your picnics and parties with these delicious cheese and fruit pairings, all available now at Mollie Stone’s:

1) Vermont Creamery Madagascar Vanilla Crème Fraiche, Cow, USA – Creamy and sweet with a hint of tartness, dip fresh strawberries or raspberries in this aromatic vanilla crème fraiche for a heavenly dessert.

2) Nicasio Valley Locarno, Cow, USA – This luscious triple crème is one of Nicasio Valley’s newest cheeses. Rich and sumptuous on the outer edges, chalky towards the center, pair this buttery cheese with juicy yellow or white peaches.

3) La Carletta, Sheep, Italy – A sheep’s milk robiola from the Piemonte region of Italy, La Carletta is reminiscent of brie but with a yogurty tang. Serve with bright red Bing cherries.

4) Holland Goat Gouda, Goat, Holland – Firm goat cheeses like this gouda take on a nutty flavor characteristic as they age. Pair with velvety apricots for a nice sweet & salty combination.

5) Valbreso French Feta, Sheep, France – This sheep’s milk feta is very versatile. Slightly dry and not overly salty, it’s delicious drizzled with olive oil or alongside Mollie’s Greek Olive Mix. For a fresh summer salad, toss with cubed watermelon and chopped mint.

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Happy National Cheese Day!