Father’s Day Gifts Done Right: The Dalmore

Father’s Day doesn’t always get the same consideration as Mother’s Day. Which is perhaps how it should be (and just how Dad would want you to prioritize things) but it means that the gift buying becomes a last minute scramble, defaults to tired convention (the dreaded tie), or both. This year, at Mollie Stone’s, The Dalmore single malt Scotch whisky has your upgrade. Actually, they’ve got four.

Over the last two weeks, I’ve covered some history of Scotch whisky and parsed the unique processes at The Dalmore, and all in service of this: helping you to grab the right bottle. Well, it’s go time. Good news though. You can’t make a bad call here.

The Dalmore 12-Year Old | $59.99* (On sale through 6/20/17!)
The flagship expression of The Dalmore offers a delicious introduction to the distillery’s house style. Matured for an initial nine years in American oak ex-Bourbon barrels, the whisky is then split in half for the final three years of maturation. Half will be transferred to those gorgeous 30-Year Matusalem oloroso Sherry casks. After three more years, it’s all brought back together to create this beauty. Crack open a bottle, and the distinctive chocolate orange character of The Dalmore delivers depth and richness found wanting in many older whiskies. But we’re just getting started.

The Dalmore 15-Year Old

The Dalmore 15-Year Old | $132.99*
Think of The Dalmore 15-Year old as the femme fatale of single Malts. No matter how committed you may be to another, she will seduce you (after that though, the comparison ends, because no one gets hurt). A consistent favorite among consumers and employees of the distillery, The Dalmore 15 showcases a union of three different Sherry casks. After 12-years in Bourbon barrels, the maturing whiskies are split equally into Amoroso Sherry casks, Apostoles Sherry casks, and the noble Matusalem Sherry casks, and left to age for another three years. Finally, they are married in aged Sherry casks to settle, before bottling. It’s an elegant, luscious whisky, with notes of crushed almonds, ginger, and vanilla syrup, and it’s like nothing else on the shelf.

The Dalmore Cigar Malt Reserve

The Dalmore Cigar Malt Reserve | $169.99*
As the name suggests, this is a whisky created to be the ideal pairing for a fine cigar. If Dad is a cigar smoker, grab a Davidoff; you win Father’s Day. But even if he’s not, this full-bodied and layered expression of The Dalmore is worth a look. Like the rest of the children, it’s brought up in Bourbon barrels, and then moved to Matusalem Sherry casks. But a small portion is finessed in premiere cru Cabernet Sauvignon wine barriques from Bordeaux. It’s somehow both the sweetest and the spiciest of the bunch, with something almost reminiscent of pancakes and maple syrup in the glass.

The Dalmore King Alexander III

The Dalmore King Alexander III | $219.99*
Well, you’ve found it: The only single malt Scotch whisky in the world to employ six different casks in the finishing process. The King Alexander represents the absolute pinnacle of The Dalmore’s painstaking and careful wood management program. In this sexy bottle, whiskies finished in first fill Bourbon barrels, Matusalem Sherry casks, Madeira barrels, Marsala casks, Port pipes, and Cabernet Sauvingon wine barriques have all been expertly joined to create something truly exceptional. Soft and subtle, it’s a symphony of flower petals, crème brulee, candied orange, and Dalmore toffees. Named for a King, and fit for one too. Happy Father’s Day indeed.


Craig Bridger - Guest Blogger

*The Dalmore products are available in-store with limited selection available for delivery. Prices may vary from the prices listed in this post. Call your local store for availability on your favorite Dalmore scotch. 

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