Indulge Local: Serres Ranch Blueberries

At Mollie Stone’s, we are very proud to be able to bring the Bay Area produce and other products that are local. We encourage our customers to indulge local as it is a great way to support our Bay Area businesses and communities.

Serres Ranch Blueberries are giant, juicy, & plump!

Massively sweet blueberries from Serres Ranch have become a local and popular favorite. Learn more about this family-owned company  in a Q&A we did with them below:

Brief History of Serres Ranch:
The Serres Family has been farming in Sonoma, CA for 6 generations. In 2001 Serres Ranch Blueberries was created when proprietor John P. Serres and his family purchased property adjacent to the property owned in Laytonville, CA. After clearing a portion of land John, being a steward of the land, tested the soil and came to the conclusion of either planting blueberries or hazelnuts. That was when the blueberry operation had begun!

16 years later, blueberry production is in full swing. Our precious fruit ripens between June and July and stays for about 1 month!

Like Mollie Stone’s Markets, Serres is a family-owned company. How has being family-owned and operated make you stand out from the rest?

Being a family owned company Serres Ranch Blueberries motto is “only the best”. The pride that John P. Serres takes into growing and packing his fruit is above all, he only wants the best going out to his customers with his name on it. John P. Serres and family have worked very hard to ensure that the highest quality of product is produced and if it doesn’t meet the standards then it doesn’t leave the packing house. In all avenues of business the Serres Family has a very hands-on approach. John P. Serres and his son and daughter Buck and Taylor Serres are the key players that are growing, selling and managing the packing area – there are no short hours during blueberry harvest and that is experienced by all family members.

Your blueberries are very popular. What make Serres Ranch Blueberries so special?

Serres Ranch Blueberries are popular because of the quality, size and taste of the berry we grow. Serres Ranch Blueberries uses NO SPRAYS AND NO PESTICIDES on our fruit so you are getting a wholesome product that is ready to wash and eat! The average size of our berries are above average due to the varietal of Duke Northern High Bush and the pruning and growing practices used.

What does “Indulge Local” mean to you?

Indulge Local means that you are supporting your local farmers and eating produce that is seasonal to your area for that time. When you support your local farmer you are giving back to your community and ensuring sustainability in your area of agriculture.

Many thanks to Taylor from Serres Ranch for taking the time for this Indulge Local Q&A. Serres Ranch blueberries are available for a limited time at Mollie Stone’s Markets. Get them before this short season is over!

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