Fire Up the Backyard Grills!

Fire up the backyard grills! Mollie Stone’s Markets has all you need for your at home celebration this Memorial Day Weekend! We can almost smell those backyard grills turning out delicious burgers already!

To help you prepare for your next shopping trip to Mollie Stone’s SWIPE to see our Ultimate Burger Building Guide!

The Ultimate Burger Building Guide


Brioche, Sesame Seed Bun or even Ciabatta! Just make sure to toast your bread before building.


We’re loyal fans of the Tomato. Keep it fresh or try Sundried Tomatoes for a new twist!


The greens in a burger can be so much more than just Romaine. Try some Micro Greens, Sprouts or even Arugula for extra flavor!


American Cheddar may be a classic but there is no harm in experimenting with new slices like a great Gouda, aged Swiss or even crumbled Gorgonzola – YUM!

Toppings Galore

A Fried Egg, Applewood Smoked Bacon, Sautéed Veggies and much more! This is the time to pile those burgers a mile high.

The Protein

We have a burger for everyone at Mollie Stone’s. From Grass-Fed Beef, Ground Turkey, Salmon patties, and even several meatless alternatives!

Don’t Forget The Bottom Bun

If you haven’t already, make sure to apply your favorite sauces to your bread of choice! Mayo, Ketchup, or Barbecue Sauce – make it delicious!

The Sides!

Mom’s Classic Potato Salad

Is any backyard celebration truly complete until the potato salad reaches the table? We sure don’t think so! Stop on by Mollie Stone’s for all you need to make the perfect potato salad or get some that is ready-to-eat in our Delicatessen!

Mollie’s Rustic Apple Pie

Finish the long weekend with a slice of our crisp apple pie! Made with fresh apples and warm spices. The perfect pie to go á la mode! Pick one up in our Bakery today.

Pair It With The Perfect Beer – Kölschlaboration!

Our beer just celebrated it’s one year anniversary flying off our shelves! One year ago we announced our collaboration with the Palo Alto Brewing Company to craft a great tasting kölsch style ale that people can enjoy with good food and good company – the perfect anytime beer!

This versatile beer is sure to be a warm weather favorite! It pairs with just about everything from the fresh flavors of a backyard picnic to the robust grilling tones of a warm afternoon barbecue!