Winter Peonies

Take some time to stop and smell the flowers at Mollie Stone’s Markets.

Winter may be here in the next few weeks but these peonies are at their peak.

We get our big and beautiful peonies from Passion Growers in Chile.

For Passion Growers only the highest standards guide their every move. They boast that the finest farmers, the best equipment, the most responsible and ethical treatment of their people as well as our planet bring about the best blooms.

Their farms aim to cultivate beauty. From the lives of their farmers to their blooms, rest assured they tend to both with great affection.

They begin harvesting their Peony Premium Coral Charm in the middle of October and will continue until the end of December.

After being harvested all peonies are dipped, to wash off the sugar from the heads before being packed for the consumer.

With their plan for harvest they will help make sure our customers have their peonies for Thanksgiving through early January!

Did you know?

  • Peonies grow in every color except for the color blue.
  • These power blooms can survive for up to 100 years under the right conditions.
  • Although these flowers can stand the test of time their season is short and only stretches from the end of April to the beginning of June!
  • When that short season does come around you can expect flowers up to 10 inches in diameter – wow!
  • All peonies are fragrant in nature however it’s said that the lighter pink peonies produce more fragrance than the darker maroon ones.
  • With this strong scent also come a great benefit. If you decide to grow peonies of your own – they are deer resistant! The beautiful smell is too strong for deer and is not a delicious treat in any way.

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