Meet the Pink-A-Boo Pineberry!

This isn’t a fairytale, you are looking at a real life white strawberry, otherwise known as a Pink-A-Boo Pineberry from our friends at Wish Farms! 

Brand new to our Mollie Stone’s Produce Department, these Pineberries have a classic strawberry flavor, but with subtle essences of pineapple, pear, and apricot.

These magical new fruits are a naturally grown, non-GMO berry developed by the University of Florida using traditional breeding techniques. From November to April these berries are grown in Florida however, during January to October Pineberries are grown right here in California.

What it Takes to Grow a Pineberry:

It might not look or taste like it, but Pineberries are almost genetically identical to a red strawberry. In fact, the very same red strawberries that can be found on our produce shelves everyday were simply crossed with a white strawberry many years ago to produce this new fruit.

During its season, Pineberries are grown in fields directly adjacent to traditional red ones. Wish Farms’ farmers use the same growing methods as red strawberries and harvest them during the same window of time. 


Located in Salinas, Santa Maria, and Oxnard California, Misty Ranch’s farms are situated perfectly on the West Coast of the state. The locations of these California farms have been chosen specifically because they experience a moderate climate with cool nights, creating the ideal growing environment for their berries.

These three regions of California have a rich history of agriculture, specifically for strawberry growing. Collectively these California farms produce 150 acres of Pineberries. Famously known as “The Salad Bowl of America”, Salinas produces these beautiful berries starting in April. In southern California, Pineberries are grown on their strawberry ranches in Santa Maria starting in March and Oxnard starting in January. 


When you get your Pineberries, treat them just as you would traditional red strawberries. Place them in the refrigerator as soon as possible. Do not wash them until you are ready to eat. When you are ready to enjoy, wash them under a gentle stream of cool water. 

Serve at room temperature. That’s when their natural, sweet flavor is at their best!

Enjoy your Pineberries year round in smoothies, protein shakes, jams, jellies or pies because they are also great when frozen!

Learn more about the Pineberry on Wish Farm’s Website by clicking HERE