Elevate your Coffee Experience: Local Pour Overs from Home

Fall is in full swing and ‘tis the season to cozy up with a fresh cup of coffee.

Here at Mollie Stone’s we love to support and collaborate with our local coffee brands around the state of California. Recently our friends at Verve coffee were announced as Best Macro Roaster of the Year Award for 2024! 

In honor of this amazing accomplishment we decided to highlight our favorite Verve beans in a steaming cup of fresh pour over coffee.

This all too intimidating process is not as tricky as it seems.

If you are looking for a way to make a single cup or a small batch brew at home, here are some quick and easy steps to making the perfect pour over.

  1. Wet the filter – Start by wetting the filter in your pour over vessel with warm water as your kettle is heating up, and dump out any excess. This will allow the water to flow more consistently through the grounds when its time to do the first pour.
  2. Tare the scale – Place the pour over vessel back onto your food safe scale, and tare the scale to 0g. Double-check to make sure the scale’s units are in grams because this is crucial in determining if your water to coffee ratio is correct.
  3. Grind your beans – To brew 1 cup of coffee you will need to grind 20g-24g of the beans of your choice with a medium coarse grind size. The texture should be similar to sand! You can increase the amount of beans for more coffee, just making sure that your ratio of water to beans stays consistent.
  4. Tare again! – After adding your freshly ground beans to your filter, make sure that they are evenly distributed by giving the vessel a gentle shake. Place the vessel on the scale and tare it to 0g once more, so it is clear how much water is being added when it’s time to pour.
  5. The First Pour – Once your water has reached 204°F, you can begin by slowly pouring the first 100g of water into the vessel. Make sure you are pouring in a slow circular motion, focusing on top of the grounds and avoiding the edges of the filter.
  6. Let it Bloom –  After this first 100g, wait for the water to drain into the vessel to allow the coffee to “bloom”. A coffee “bloom” is the release of carbon dioxide from the beans when they touch hot water. This allows for the best possible flavor by allowing this carbon dioxide to be released into the air before it enters your cup of coffee.
  7.  Keep Pouring – For your second pour, add another 100g until it is almost fully drained.
    In total you will be pouring 16x the amount of coffee grounds that you used, in water. For example, to brew a single serving in our pour over video, we used 21g of Verve Worka beans, so we needed to pour 336g of water in total. 
  8. The Final Pour – Continue your last pour until you reach your total number on the scale. We stopped pouring when the scale read 336g. 
  9. Serve and Enjoy – When the water has completely drained into the vessel, remove and compost your used filter. Your freshly brewed pour over is complete and ready for you to enjoy. Simply pour straight from your vessel into a mug or glass of your choice!

Go check out our Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok for a video version of these instructions, and some local bean recommendations, available at Mollie Stones Markets.

Hope this step-by-step process can enhance your small batch coffee experience! Happy Pouring!