Get Your Fix: Hatch Chiles are coming to a Mollie Stone’s near you!

Mollie Stone’s is bringing the famous Hatch Chile harvest to the Bay Area with roasting events at six select stores. Along with our friends at Melissa’s Produce, we will be offering free roasting with purchase on-site.


Mark your calendars to experience the amazing smell of these roasted peppers, and the chance to stockpile Hatch Chiles for yourself while they last!

Hatch Chile Roasting Event Dates & Locations: 

  • Saturday August 23, 12-4pm: Greenbrae
  • Sunday August 24, 12-4pm: Pacific Heights
  • Saturday September 6, 12-4pm: Sausalito
  • Sunday September 7, 12-4pm: Burlingame
  • Thursday September 11, 11am-2pm: San Bruno
  • Friday September 12, 11am-2pm: Palo Alto
  • Saturday September 13, 12-4pm: San Bruno
  • Sunday September 14, 12-4pm: Palo Alto

Keep reading to learn more about these beloved chiles.

From the fertile soil of Hatch Valley, New Mexico, comes this truly unique chile pepper. The intense sunlight and cool nights of the “Chile Capital of the World” combine to produce Hatch Chiles -meaty green peppers packed with earthy flavor and mild to medium heat. Known for their taste, they also come with nutritional benefits. One medium green chile contains as much Vitamin C as six oranges, and the heat triggers a thermodynamic response in the body to speed metabolism.


Chefs and foodies everywhere eagerly await their harvest season that lasts only a few short weeks in August and September. Many buy the chiles in bulk to freeze and enjoy throughout the year. When selecting, look for glossy green peppers with firm to medium-thick texture, and no soft spots.

Hatch Chiles are best when roasted because it heightens their robust flavor. After roasting, they are easy to peel, seed and add to a variety of dishes. Hatch Chiles are used as a flavor condiment in many traditional Latin and Southwestern dishes, but can also be incorporated into a wide variety of recipes. They enhance savory burgers, tacos, pastas, casseroles, appetizers, and even desserts like ice cream and chocolate chip cookies.

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