Cheese of the Week: Cave Aged Truckle


  • Producers: Ford Farm, on the Ashley Chase Estate
  • Region: Somerset, England
  • Milk: Pasteurized Dorset cow’s milk
  • Ripening: 4 months
  • Texture: Hard

The ancient art of maturing cheese in caves dates back to the 16th century. Across the pond on an international world heritage site in the English countryside, the cheesemakers at Ford Farm are reviving that tradition. First, they make their signature full-bodied cheddar from their herds on the farm. The cheddar is then wrapped in cloth and taken deep into the nearby Caves at Wookey Hole. Throughout the aging period of up to 6 months, they taste test the cheese regularly to ensure that it is developing the right firm texture and earthy taste. The finished product is a crumbly yellow cheese with a distinct nutty, tangy flavor. This time honored cheese-making technique requires significant time and effort, but results in a unique, delicious cheddar.

More on Ford Farm’s variety of English cheeses here.

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