Cheese of the Week: Bianchina


  • Producer: Nicolau Farms
  • Region: Modesto, CA
  • Milk: Pasteurized jersey cow and goat’s milk
  • Ripening: 10 days
  • Texture: Soft

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“We turn grass into milk into cheese into happiness,” states Walter Nicolau III. His family homestead is one of the few in the Central Valley that raises their own livestock, grows their own forage, and produces milk directly on the farm. Named after one of their beloved goats, Nicolau Farms introduces their new Bianchina cheese. Inspired by traditional cheese-making methods, they combined jersey cow and goat’s milk with all natural goat rennet. After aging for only 10 days, the bright white color of the rind and paste signifies the freshness of the cheese. The finished two pound wheel is creamiest under the rind and increases in density towards the center. Bianchina brings together the buttery texture of jersey cow’s milk with the bright and grassy flavor of goat’s milk. Spread Bianchina on your favorite crusty bread to experience its smooth taste.

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