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Recipe: Mia’s Traditional Spaghetti Bolognese

Mia’s Kitchen is a collection of quirky, gourmet-loving foodies who are passionate about creating high quality products that people love. The company, headed by Mia of the Sebastiani family, makes incredible pasta sauces and olive oils that will make your kitchen smell amazing.

We asked Mia to share one of her favorite family recipes: Traditional Spaghetti Bolognese. It has all the deep complexities of her Nonni’s long-simmered bolognese, and uses a jar of Mia’s Kitchen Bistro Marinara for an extra rich flavor. Pair this ..read more

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Indulge Local: Marin French Cheese

“From our Marin French Cheese family to yours, we extend our heartiest congratulations for your 30 years of success. We’re honored to be a part of your business and applaud the goodwill you’ve built in the community, all while staying true to your roots!” – Marin French Cheese

For nearly 150 years Marin French Cheese has been operating in Marin County.

Founder Jefferson Thompson started making deliciously fresh artisan cheese using milk from his dairy cows in West Marin and shipped it ..read more

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California Avocados in the Winter

As you may have noticed—it’s a bit challenging to find California grown avocados in the Winter. The famous California Hass avocado peak season generally runs from Spring through Fall. The last time you’ve enjoyed a delicious California avocado was probably last October and other avocados just aren’t the same! Don’t worry, California avocados are back. This time of year is when the Bacon, Fuerte, Lamb Hass, Pinkerton, Reed and Zutano varieties grow. Read more about the different varieties here.

Our Produce ..read more


Larry’s Pumpkins

This year, Mollie Stone’s is sourcing our unique selection of more than 15 different pumpkin and gourd varietals from a well-known grower in Fairfield’s Suisun Valley named Larry Balestra. Larry is a 3rd generation grower with an old-fashioned philosophy about farming, taking time, nurturing and trusting with every crop.

Keep reading to learn more about how pumpkins are grown!

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The Inspirational Story behind Wonderfully Raw

At age sixty, Sequoia Cheney is embarking on a completely unplanned new adventure, that is Wonderfully Raw. One thing led to the other and before she knew it, she’s became proud founder of a raw foods company—“I never imagined myself at this time in my life creating a new company, new products and doing it with the people I love most, my family.”  Here’s here truly inspiring story:


This Summer’s Oyster Menu

This summer, it’s oyster heaven at Mollie Stone’s! Picture this: sitting in your backyard, enjoying the warm summer breeze while slurping on some fresh cold oysters. Doesn’t that sound AMAZING? That’s right, you can skip the long drive out to Tomales Bay—enjoy fantastic, just-shucked oysters in the comfort of your own home.


Raw Milk Cheeses, What About Them?

One of the hottest food trends right now is eating raw. So what about raw milk cheeses?

This may be to your surprise, but it’s likely you are already eating raw milk cheeses. For hundreds of years, traditional European cheese recipes have used only raw milk. Often you will find that raw milk cheeses are sharper and more defined in taste. That’s because when milk is heated or pasteurized, much of the good bacteria (which create the rich flavors in cheese) are ..read more


Local Greens, An Alternative Farm in Our Very Own Urban Backyard

When you think of a farm, you probably imagine a green field that spans miles and miles somewhere along Highway I-5. Little did you know, there’s a thriving 2,000 square foot farm right in the heart of Berkeley. Last week we took a behind-the-scenes tour of Local Greens, a fully operational organic farm inside of a warehouse space. They currently produce over 2,000 pounds of microgreens each month! It’s quite impressive considering they only have 12 employees, most of them ..read more

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The Seriously Sweet Gluten-Free Story Behind Bread SRSLY

Delicious gluten-free bread, is that even possible? Thanks to Bread SRSLY founder Sadie Scheffer, it definitely is. Her story is even “SRSLY” sweet! She moved out to California from Boston and started learning how to bake bread to win over a boy. In 2009, when she learned that her crush went gluten-free, she began testing all sorts of recipes until the bread (and herself) were simply irresistible.