Attention Chocoholics: Your Sweet Tooth Will Swoon Over Killer Brownies®!

Mollie Stone’s brings the Killer Brownie® experience to the Bay Area

When we heard about Killer Brownie®’s cult following in the Midwest, we called up the Ohio-based bakery behind this luscious treat to try one for ourselves. When the freshly baked Killer Brownies® arrived, it was immediately clear how they earned their legendary reputation. An intoxicating aroma of chocolate, nuts and buttery sweet caramel filled the room and we were officially smitten with just one bite.

Called “Killer” because they are over-the-top amazing, these big, multi-layered, gooey brownies are each 1/3 pound of pure chocolate decadence. They are the ultimate treat for the most discriminating chocoholic and they are now available exclusively at your local Mollie Stone’s.

Let’s meet the lineup of our four flavors:

Traits: Classic, Elegant, Sophisticated

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This is the Killer Brownie® that started it all. Sinfully good chocolate brownies layered with made-from-scratch caramel and chopped pecans combine for a treat you won’t soon forget. Each one is generously dusted with powdered sugar for a chic finish.

Traits: Kind, Warm-Hearted, Friendly


You don’t have to be nuts to like this brownie. We take the Original Killer Brownie®, add extra chocolate chips and skip the nuts. With a rich layer of caramel sandwiched between two chocolaty brownies, you can rely on this one to be a delightful dessert.

Traits: Quirky, Creative, Unique


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Two flavors turn up the adventure! A thick layer of peanut butter and caramel between two peanut-filled brownies combine powers to make our popular Peanut Butter Killer Brownie®. George Washington Carver put these down as the best use of peanuts to date.

Traits: Sassy, Spontaneous, Fun-Loving


This brilliant combination is a wonderful balance of the sweet-salty spectrum that will keep your taste buds guessing. Smooth, buttery caramel and a sprinkle of coarse sea salt run generously through the middle of the delicious Original Killer Brownie®.

Tip #1: Try these brownies heated in the microwave and topped with a scoop of vanilla ice cream. Self-explanatory.

Tip #2: We guarantee you’ll be the most popular guest at any party if you bring Killer Brownies®. Pick up a variety and cut them into fourths for bite-size pieces of heaven that will sweep everyone off their feet.

Which flavor will you try first?