The Kitchen Tornado presents: A quick tip to keep the kitchen tidy

About Thomas The Kitchen Tornado: If you shop at Mollie Stone’s Greenbrae, you might know me. Yes, I’m the checker that is always sharing recipes and kitchen tips. I love to cook, but I also like to keep it simple. Make eating fun!

Here we are on my third blog entry, and I love it. Before we get into another recipe, I have a tip to share. It will sound silly but once you start using it, it makes perfect sense.

Have you ever pulled an appliance like a mixer or electric food mill out of the cupboard and its unfurled cord, lagging behind, pulls something out unexpectedly with it? I know, saving those twist ties is a hassle and after a couple of uses they look awful.

Here is something that my sister shared. Take your empty paper towel roll (that you always throw out) and place your electrical cord inside it to keep it manageable. I found this technique has all sorts of uses outside the kitchen, too – hair dryer while traveling, clothes iron…anything!

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