The Kitchen Tornado presents: Thomas’ Pickled Eggs

Meet Thomas The Kitchen Tornado: If you shop at Mollie Stone’s Greenbrae you might know me. Yes, I’m the checker that is always sharing recipes and kitchen tips. I love to cook, but I also like to keep it simple. Make eating fun!

I really enjoy the simple things that may sound odd but work well in the kitchen. Have you ever bought Bubbies Pickles? Here’s what you can do with the brine after you eat the last pickle. Bubbies are natural brine pickles, not vinegar forced pickles. Well, they load the jars with spices and lots of garlic. Now, I ask, do you like deviled eggs? Or pickled okra, or pickled green beans, or pickled asparagus? This is so easy and tasty. Even if you don’t like deviled eggs, these other veggies are a great snack with your favorite beer or by themselves.


Everyone that has tried this has loved the results. Keep reading to find out how to make my Pickled Eggs.

Recipe by Thomas The Kitchen Tornado


  • One quart size jar of Bubbies Pickle brine, after the last pickle is used (Not recommended for Batempte Half Sour)
  • One dozen small eggs or 8 large eggs (If you would rather use okra, green beans or asparagus, select according to the size of your container)


Boil all the eggs until hard boiled (see suggested times below). While still warm, remove all shells and place them in the pickle brine. Secure the lid on the jar and place in the refrigerator. Wait five days. After the fifth day, they are ready to eat. DO NOT REUSE THE BRINE.


    • Making deviled eggs with these pickles will lend a lovely garlic flavor to your appetizer, and no one will figure out how you did them.
    • If you use eggs, the eggs must be hard boiled and the shells removed before adding to the brine. Cook eggs at least 12 minutes for small, and 17 minutes for large.
    • If you prefer veggies like okra, green beans and asparagus, they must be cooked to tender before adding them to the brine. I recommend adding them while they are still warm.
    • If you like to have a little peppery fire to any of this, I add Sriracha Hot Chili Sauce to the brine.
    • Finally, if you don’t want to wait until the last pickle to get started, take 1/4 cup of the brine and place all the pickles with that brine in a large freezer-size ziploc baggie with the air removed. Store it in the refrigerator. Use pickles normally but always remove the air so the brine stays in contact with the pickles.
    • Before you brine your eggs or veggies, use the brine to make a Dirty Martini. Make your Martini with vodka or gin, and add the brine (instead of the olive juice) to taste. You’ll still need the olives for decoration and a boost of flavor.

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