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Kale Clementine Carrot Juice


Ever bought one of those big bag of clementines and can’t finish the whole thing? A great alternative use for them is juicing. This green juice is the perfect thing to get you going in the morning. The sweetness of the clementines helps cut the bitterness of the kale, and the carrots add even more nutrients! If you don’t have clementines, this recipe tastes just as delicious with oranges. Let’s get juicing! Continue reading

California Avocado Roll


It’s California avocado season, so we have to eat ALL THE AVOCADOS, right?

But seriously, we could eat this avocado roll everyday. The sticky tangy rice brings out umami flavors of the avocado we never knew existed. If you haven’t tried avocado rolls, you should immediately! They’re fun and easy, making them the perfect economical, on-demand fix for your sushi craving. Continue reading

Creamy Vegan Vietnamese Avocado Shake


The idea of a sweet dessert smoothie made from avocados may seem a bit strange at first, but it’s delicious – we promise! In fact, most Asian cultures only eat avocados in sweet preparations rather than savoury recipes. The avocado creams perfectly, which gives the shake a texture similar to a reallllyyy smooth frozen yogurt. Continue reading

“Deliciously Made From Leftovers” Salad

The “Deliciously Made from Leftovers” aka Broccoli/Quinoa Salad

Don’t feel like having the same thing twice? Spice up your leftovers with some new flavors and turn it into a salad! We love to get creative with leftovers—it’s more exciting to eat something “different” even if it’s using the same ingredients as last night’s dinner. Continue reading

Earth Month: Power Up with Power Greens!

Earth Day is coming up on Wednesday, April 22, so Mollie Stone’s and Earthbound Farm are teaming up to celebrate the entire month!

Like Mollie Stone’s, Earthbound is committed to reducing its impact on the planet. In 2015 alone, Earthbound’s organic farming operations on nearly 50,000 acres will keep over 16 million pounds of synthetic fertilizers and toxic pesticides out of the environment.
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Power up for Earth Day with Earthbound Farm Organic Power Greens. Power Greens are a super versatile, easy mix of tender baby spinach, baby red and green chards, and baby kales. They’re ready for salads, smoothies and recipes – no washing or de-stemming needed. Keep reading for two recipes using this tasty organic mix. Continue reading

Meet Neat, the Healthy Replacement for Meat

A juicy burger with all the fixings or a bowl of spicy baked beans…no one should have to give up these delightful foods, even if you’re following a meatless diet. Well now it’s possible for vegans and vegetarians to enjoy almost any ground beef recipe! Neat is a meat replacement made without soy, gluten, or a long list of chemicals. Their original mix has only eight ingredients: pecans, garbanzo beans, gluten free whole grain oats, organic gluten free whole grain cornmeal, garlic, onion, sea salt, and spices. All you need are water, eggs, and a skillet!

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Learn some creative ways to enjoy Neat below.

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Mollie’s New Items: Top 10 for September 2014

From coconut oil to vegan cheddar snacks, our top 10 items for September are here to make your back to school transition easier and healthier. Sip on grab-and-go beverages to energize your day, or pack school lunches with naturally sweetened granola. We guarantee there’s something for everyone in our Top 10 September lineup.

1. Frog Hollow Farm Organic Conserves: Frog Hollow Farm is a 143 acre organic farm located in Brentwood and home to hundreds of trees that produce fruit for their delicious conserves. Conserves are made with dried fruits and are cooked. They have a very thick and chunky texture. Conserves work very well as a spread and as a condiment for meats and cheeses.

2. Carrington Farms Coconut Cooking Oil: Carrington’s coconut cooking oil is unflavored, odorless, and remains liquid. Try as an easy alternative to regular coconut oil for baking and sauteing in temperatures as high as 350°F.

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