Kletzenbrot: A Versatile Austrian Treat

Kletzenbrot (pronounced “kliit zenn BRO:T”) is a unique, dense fruit-based bread. Mollie Stone’s Kletzenbrot is baked by the Thurnhofer family in Salzburg, Austria, which has been crafting this specialty for three generations since 1936. Every loaf is made lovingly by hand, one by one, using only the very best ingredients.

Consisting of 80% fruit, Kletzenbrot is made with golden seedless raisins, dried figs and pears, rye and wheat flours, water, rum, spices, natural flavors of lemon and vanilla, salt and yeast. Any alcohol is baked out, and the result is a naturally sweet, very dense bread with complex flavors.

Kletzenbrot is all natural and GMO free with no preservatives or added sugar, making it a healthy, high fiber treat for a snack or dessert. Enjoy a slice slathered with German or European butter, or with a wedge of Austrian cheese. Since it needs no refrigeration, it is perfect for enjoying on-the-go during road trips, hikes and picnics.