Picking Great Wine For Your Passover Seder

Mollie Stone’s has one of the largest selections of kosher wine in the Bay Area in our Palo Alto store. We stock over 70 different varieties, including everything from sparkling to sweet to very dry.

Each year we have a group of people do a blind tasting from our selection to find the tastiest wines for the Seder table. This year, we tasted Tishbi wines against some other brands.

The Tishbi family’s experience with wine goes back to 1882, when Baron Edmond de Rothschild commissioned the present generation’s great-grandparents to plant the first modern wine grape vineyards in Israel. With a century of grape growing experience in his family, Jonathan Tishbi founded the Tishbi Estate in 1984 which currently produces four series of wines.

The Tishbi Cabernet Syrah (pictured) was the most popular of our list. This young red wine with good fruit is the Tishbi Winery’s house wine. It presents fresh strawberry aromas with a hint of herbs. It is Mevushal for the most kosher observers and is ideal with the early Passover dishes, such as haroset (fruit and nuts) and vegetables dipped in salt water.

Later when serving the main meal, you may want to try a dry Chenin Blanc from Baron Herzog, whcih was one of our top picks last year.

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