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Who’s Bringing the Bubbly?

Mollie’s Wine of the Week:
Montechiara Prosecco

Montechiara Prosecco

Can you believe it? We’ve made it through another holiday season and now it’s nearly time to bid adieu to 2017. Whether you’re hosting a grand soiree or staying at home to watch the ball drop from afar, our Wine of the Week is a perfect addition to your New Year’s Eve celebration.

In my mind, there’s nothing more fitting for a New Year’s Eve celebration than a chilled flute of refreshing and delicious bubbly.

Let us introduce you to one of our favorite sparkling options and our Wine of the Week: The Montechaira Prosecco.

The Montechaira Prosecco is a well-balanced sparkling wine from Veneto, Italy. It has citrus flavors and floral notes. This prosecco is Extra Dry, which gives it a more firm palate presence, good acidity, and bright freshness that makes it seem more like a Brut while lengthening the finish. It also pairs very well with appetizers, fish and white meats.

Did we mention that this prosecco is also an incredible value? At $11.99 per 750ml bottle, you can be sure to keep your guests feeling bubbly well into 2018!

From all of us at Mollie Stone’s Markets, we wish you a safe, healthy, and very happy New Year!

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Mollie’s Pumpkin Patch: 7 Ways to Spice Up Your Pumpkin Game

Calling all pumpkins! Calling all pumpkins!

Pumpkins are synonymous with the Autumn season. There are a number of ways to enjoy them. They can be used as fashionable seasonal décor or as an ingredient for a yummy Fall recipe. The possibilities are almost endless!

Mollie Stone’s carries a wide variety of pumpkins to satisfy every Fall lover this season:

White Mini Pumpkin
Parachute Pumpkin
Baby Pumpkin
Lil’ Tiger Stripe Pumpkin
White Martian Fingers Gourd
Speckled Mini Pumpkin
Mini Pumpkin
Cosmic Star Pumpkin
Fairytale Pumpkin
Swan Gourd
Mini Turban Squash
Angel Wings Gourd
Ghost Eye Pumpkin
White Fairy Tale Pumpkin
Long Island Cheese Pumpkin

And here are just some of the many ways you can spice up our pumpkins from our patch:

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The History, Beer & Food of Oktoberfest

This festive celebration was established in October 1810 by Prince Ludwig of Bavaria in celebration of his marriage. Over 200 years later, year after year, the celebration is held at the same location. “Wisen” (the local term for the celebration) is a Bavarian event that has become a celebration of life not only for the Bavarians and all Germans but also worldwide, with some form of Oktoberfest event in breweries and cities around the globe.

Oktoberfest now lasts 16 days, beginning in mid-September and ending on the 1st Sunday in October. Major Munich breweries sponsor the event and up to 6 million attendees pack into mega beer halls and consume over 5 million liters of beer every year.

Keep reading to learn more about the characteristics of Oktoberfest beers and the foods that are traditionally served. Continue reading

Sweet Food Traditions for Rosh Hashanah

Rosh Hashanah is the Jewish New Year, a two-day celebration that begins in early autumn on the first day of Tishrei (the seventh month of the Jewish calendar). Rosh Hashanah begins the High Holy Days which end ten days later with Yom Kippur. It is a time for introspection, looking back at the mistakes of the previous year and planning changes to make in the new year.

Honey, apple, pomegranate and hala, table set with traditional food for Jewish New Year Holiday, Rosh Hashana

During the holiday, it is customary to refrain from bitter, sour and tart foods, and to eat foods that symbolize hopes for a sweet, pleasant year ahead. Keep reading to learn more about the traditional foods of Rosh Hashanah. Continue reading

Tips for Boiling Eggs

While the options for coloring and decorating eggs are endless, you always need to start with the same canvas: a hardboiled egg.

Here are a few tips to make sure your eggs come out perfect each time, whether you’re getting ready to decorate them for Easter or just have a craving for some egg salad:

  • Use room temperature eggs (out of refrigeration for 1 hour).
  • Use eggs that are a week old.
  • Using a non-reactive pot prevents yolks from turning color.
  • Boiling an egg starting in hot water or cold water? Epicurious says start in hot water!
  • Fill a pot with enough water to cover at least an inch over top a single layer of eggs.
  • Bring the pot of water to a boil, place an egg straight from the fridge into the boiling pot of water and immediately turn it down to a simmer.
  • Timing is everything: Leave undisturbed for 4-14 minutes depending on how runny or firm you like the yolk and the size of the eggs. 4 minutes being really soft with a runny yolk and 14 minutes being completely hard boiled with a crumbly dry yolk. Remove the egg and immediately shock them in ice water to stop the cooking process. You may need to experiment a little to find the right timing for your favorite.
  • Dry off boiled eggs with paper towels for a dry, clean surface.

Use a wax pen or crayons to draw or write on the eggs before coloring if desired. Now you are ready to color your eggs with your favorite kit or natural dyes!

St Paddy’s Day Beer Pick

IMG_1282-2Thinking of stocking your fridge with Guinness? Yes, yes, Guinness is a great choice for St. Paddy’s and no St. Paddy’s should be without a Guinness. HOWEVER, this year, it’s time to try something new, Strike Colossus Red Ale. This award winning best seller is fashioned after an Irish Red. A malt-forward ale, it has a touch of roasted character from a small addition of roasted grains.

Strike Brewing Company is located right in our backyard—San Jose, California. Treat yourself to a fresh, locally brewed, Irish style craft beer this St. Paddy’s Day.


Indulge Local: Roberts Shamrock Brand Corned Meats


Made in San Francisco since 1910, Roberts Corned Meats is the oldest corned beef company in San Francisco! Savor the flavor of a great St. Paddy’s Day tradition: table tender mild cured corned beef brisket. Their corned beef is truly a cut above the rest in taste and in tenderness. The Dixon family’s Great Great Grandfather George Henry Roberts came to San Francisco from New Zealand and brought his corned beef expertise with him. George’s family had owned a corned beef business in New Zealand. It was the LAST thing he wanted to do in this new country when he arrived. But two things happened: first, he needed a job to support his family and second, when he saw the way corned beef was being processed here, he was surprised! When he tried to tell one of the butchers the way it was done in New Zealand, the butchers laughed at him and that is where the adventure begins. Deborah Dixon Ward and her brother now run the company—Roberts Corned Meats has now been in the family for 5 generations!

“Roberts Corned Meats would like to congratulate you on your 30 years in business. We are very proud to be in your stores from day one. The goodwill for the community is an extra added bonus. Good luck Mollie Stone’s!!!”
– Dixon Family, Roberts Corned Meats, Inc. Family owned since 1910

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11 Recipes You Must Try for Hanukkah

Hanukkah is right around the corner. Get ready for 8 days of gifts, spinning the dreidel, lighting the menorah and our favorite thing of all… eating. Here are some of our favorite Hanukkah recipes:

1. Savory Sun-Dried Tomato Stuffed Challah

Classic plain challah is already tasty but adding sun-dried tomatoes, fresh herbs and cheese makes it beyond glorious! See recipe here.

2. Sweet Noodle Kugel

This traditional Jewish dish is made of three basic ingredients: eggs, fat, and starch. Kugels can be made savory or sweet by adding dried fruit, cheese, spices and seasonings. This sweet noodle raisin kugel has a creamy custard center with a cinnamon sugar crust—see recipe here. Continue reading

Holiday Cheese Pairings


Entertain in style with these beautiful and delicious Holiday cheese pairings:

Foggy Morning + Raspberry Jelly

This 100% organic farmstead cow’s milk cheese from Nicasio Valley Cheese company is a little tangy, soft and spreadable. Foggy Morning is extremely delicate and fluffy with a sour cream aroma that plays off the sweetness of the rose petals in Can Bech’s raspberry jelly. Tasting this combo is like what we imagine walking on clouds feels like. Continue reading