Oscar worthy recipes 2012

Roll out the red tablecloth for these Oscar worthy recipes! We took a look at the 2012 Best Picture nominees and selected a recipe for each of the movies. Some might be a stretch, but we assure you that they’re all delicious and adaptable for serving at your Academy Awards party on February 26th.

1. Hugo: Caramelized Onion Bruschetta. These deeply caramelized onions served over sliced Baguette would have been a great snack for Hugo at the Parisian train station.

2. Moneyball: Corn Dog Muffins. Baseball and hot dogs are basically synonymous. In this version, bake up your favorite hot dogs or smoked sausage into cornbread muffins.

3. The Artist: Caesar Salad. Caesar salad was first concocted in the 1920s, and quickly became a restaurant favorite. The silent stars of this film set in 1920s Hollywood would definitely enjoy this recipe. Anchovies optional, but we think you’ll like ‘em if you include them!

4. The Help: Buttermilk Fried Chicken. The Southern setting in this movie certainly gave us a strong craving for crispy fried chicken. Plan ahead to make sure the chicken gets plenty of time for its buttermilk soak. If you really loved The Help, make a chocolate pie too.

Keep reading for five more movie recipes!

5. Midnight in Paris: Potato Lyonnaise Pizza with Brie Cheese. Potatoes Lyonnaise is a classic French dish of thinly sliced potatoes and onions pan-fried in butter and seasonings. It turns out to be a great topping for pizza! Cut into small squares for tasty finger food.

6. The Descendants: Red Delicious Cranberry Breeze. Hawaii is the perfect place to enjoy a fruity cocktail, and this recipe is easily mixed up in a punch bowl. Alternatively, serve classic martinis for The Artist or your favorite beer for Moneyball.

7. The Tree of Life: Vegetarian Sloppy Joes. Sloppy Joes are a childhood favorite for many that grew up in the 1950s. Try serving this vegetarian version on slider sized buns.

8. Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close: Oreo Cheesecake. It’s hard to visit New York without a slice of cheesecake, so we couldn’t resist this Oreo cheesecake recipe. For a bite-sized sweet, bake mini cheesecakes in a muffin tin.

9. War Horse: Berry Trifle. Although dairy may have been scarce during WWI, trifles are a British favorite. Make this recipe year round by substituting the berries with whatever fruit is in season.