The meaning behind a rose’s color

February 14th, Valentine’s Day, is the most romantic day on the calendar in the United States and is celebrated throughout the world. It is known as a lovers’ holiday. Whatever you choose to call it, one thing is certain: love is in the air.

In today’s society, love is expressed in many different ways. These include the giving of a love note called a valentine to that special someone or a more elegant gift such as roses or chocolates. 189 million stems of roses will be sold on Valentine’s Day in the US, and 1.2 billion throughout the year. Roses are an ancient symbol of love and beauty.

Roses come in many different colors, and each color is associated with a special meaning. Select a dozen roses in the color that best describes your feelings toward the recipient.

  • Red Roses: Traditional symbol of beauty, love and romance.
  • Pink Roses: A symbol of grace and elegance. These are often given as an expression of admiration.
  • Yellow Roses: The bright, sunny colors of these evoke a feeling of warmth and happiness.
  • White Roses: These represent innocence and purity, and are traditionally associated with marriage and a new beginning.
  • Orange Roses: These are the embodiment of desire and enthusiasm.
  • Lavender Roses: These are the perfect symbol of enchantment.

Happy Valentine’s Day!