Dungeness Crab and Chardonnay: A marriage of food and wine

There is just something special about a fresh catch of Dungeness crab and a well made California Chardonnay. Keep reading for a few pairing suggestions from our Chardonnay selection.

Taft Street Russian River Valley Chardonnay

This wine was made with grapes grown in the Russian River Valley vineyards of Kunde, Feeney, Airport and Mirabel. It was largely (70%) barrel fermented, and 30% of the wine underwent malolactic fermentation. A full 80% of the Chardonnay was oak aged for 10 months, with the remainder kept in temperature controlled stainless steel tanks to enhance the fruit and acidity. The result of this growing area and wine making technique produces a wine that is fresh, lean and clean. If this is the style you like, you will love Taft Street Chardonnay.

Clos Du Bois Russian River Valley Sonoma Reserve Chardonnay

For those of you that like a more “old school” Chardonnay, this Clos Du Bois is for you. 100% barrel fermented and 100% malolactic fermented, it is medium-bodied and dry with flavors reminiscent of Honeysuckle, Creme Brulee, fresh Pear and spiced Apple. It has a slight mineral edge that balances the other flavors well. You might even say it is rich and creamy…yum! Find it at Mollie Stone’s to complement your crab dinner.