Heart Watch IV Comes to Mollie Stone’s

Awareness of one’s own health is important. Eating healthy and exercising enough are not enough! Steps must be taken to make sure the body is in proper working order. Just as one would take their car to the mechanic when it “just doesn’t sound right” or “doesn’t drive right,” one must also “listen” to the body’s signals of possible problems. Health Screening by Heart Watch IV is an excellent beginning, and will be at Mollie Stone’s in January. Keep reading for more information about these screenings.

Heart Watch IV is a fully insured State and Federal CLIA-Certified laboratory (Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendments), which specializes in public health and corporate health screenings. Based in San Luis Obispo, California, since 1989, Heart Watch IV provides safe, accurate and low-cost screening services throughout California, Arizona, Washington, Oregon, Nevada and Texas. The quality control staff includes a physician and medical technologist to assist the service team in the field.

The most current mobile analysis devices available are used to perform ultrasound osteoporosis screenings and blood analysis such as lipid panels for cholesterol screening, daily glucose and HbA1c screenings for diabetes, ALT and AST screening for liver function, thyroid and allergy testing. Blood tests are performed by licensed phlebotomists, using a relatively painless finger-stick technique. Test results and counseling are generally available to the individual within 15 minutes. Counseling includes an explanation of test results and supplying the individual with relevant literature.

Prices for screenings vary from $16 to $66, depending on the type of test requested. For more information on screenings and prices, visit www.heartwatchiv.com.

Heart Watch IV will be at Mollie Stone’s in January. No appointment is necessary. Accepted method of payment is cash or check payable to Heart Watch IV. Check Facebook for scheduled dates and locations.