7 Wonderful Ways to Enjoy Figs


Fig season is in full swing! It’s amazing how easy it is to incorporate figs into foods you’re probably already eating.  You can literally eat figs for breakfast, lunch, dinner and even dessert!

We’ve found 7 wonderful ways for you to enjoy figs this season—be inspired:

1. Fig Topped Yogurt

It’s easy to make your mornings sweeter by adding fresh figs to your yogurt. Also try figs with other breakfast favorites like oatmeal or chia pudding.

2. Honey Rosemary Fresh Fig Toast

Top your toast with cheese, honey, figs and herbs and you’ve got yourself a gorgeous lunch. Ricotta and goat cheese are fan favorites for fig toast.

3. Spiralized Golden Beet and Fig Salad

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Add color and a touch sweetness to your spiralized salads with fresh figs.

4. Fig Salad Stuffed Pita Bread


Use fresh figs in a pita bread sandwich to make all the other sandwiches jealous.

5. Chocolate Covered Fig Toast


Feeling bold? Add chocolate covered figs to your bruschetta at your next dinner party.
See recipe here.

6. Fig Jam Pizza


Just add fig jam or fresh figs to your prosciutto pizza—this sweet & savory combo is to die for.

7. Fresh Fig Tart

Swap out the boring fruits with fresh figs in your favorite fruit tart recipe.

Happy fig season!