Five Cheeses for Fall


Fall is here, Winter is coming, the days are getting colder…what better way to warm yourself up than a platter of rich delicious cheese accompanied by a glass of wine? We picked some fantastic Fall cheeses to go with this season’s fanciful fruit offerings: figs, pears and persimmons. And if you’re looking for cheeses to cook with as the holidays approach, we’ve also got you covered in this list!


1. Cowgirl Chimney Rock , Cow, Petaluma, CA *Local*
This seasonal cheese is only available from Fall going into Winter. It’s made with pure organic Jersey milk from John Taverna’s Chileno Valley Dairy. The flavor comes from the rind, comprised of spritzed Muscat wine, Essensia and then dusted with organic shiitake mushrooms and savory black pepper. This beautiful cheese is earthy and a little spicy, but the most mild of our five Fall cheeses. The paste is buttery, typical of Cowgirl cheeses. It’s a soft, spreadable cheese. Curl up on your couch, and enjoy this Cowgirl Chimney Rock with a glass of Cabernet Sauvignon.


2. Comte, Cow, France
This quintessential mountain cheese is aged for 18 months. Comte has very similar qualities to Gruyere, but is fruitier and not as strong as Gruyere. This smooth, firm cheese is also ideal for cooking as it melts very well and is a traditional fondue cheese. Try making an herbed grilled Comte cheese sandwich or topping baked potatoes with shredded Comte this Fall.


3. Pecorino di Rocca, Sheep, Italy
This Tuscan cheese is sweet, nutty and mellow with a hint of tang to finish. It’s the most chalky of all five Fall cheeses. It’s firm with a crumbly texture. It’s similar to Pecorino Romano, but not as salty. Be sure to cut the rind away because it’s not edible. Enjoy this cheese with Fall fruits and a glass of full-bodied red wine.


4. Cave Aged Gruyere, Cow, Switzerland
Part of the Swiss family, this mother Gruyere is aged for a full 12 months in Swiss caves. It’s packed with fruity, caramel, nutty, buttery and grassy flavors. This smooth and salty cheese is one of our all time favoritesit’s one of the rare cheeses that holds its complex flavors when melted. Gruyere is famously and traditionally used for French Onion Soup. This Fall, create an new side dish: try it shredded over roasted butternut squash, wilted kale, pine nuts and drizzle maple syrup on top.


5. Guffanti Gorgonzola Dolce, Cow, Italy
The younger brother of Guffanti’s original Gorgonzola (Piccante), this Gorgonzola Dolce is sweeter and not as sharp, intense nor pungent. This cheese is oozy, soft and spreadable with a bluish-green marbling. Enjoy this buttery, creamy and tangy treat spread atop sweet Fall figs or a crusty baguette.