Freaky Fruits for Halloween Spooks

Our friends at Melissa’s Produce are joining forces with us to bring you a spooktacular Freaky Fruits Halloween party menu. Turn your exotic fruits into something frightening!! MUWAHAHA. Invite zombies, monsters and ghosts to your table this year, but don’t be scared… the Freaky Fruits will make this Halloween hauntingly delicious!

Find all recipes and instructions on Melissa’s Freaky Fruits page.

1. Mini Monster Snacks

Rambutans, Pomegranate 

2. Monster Melons

Kiwano Melons, Rambutans, Longans

3. Zombie Eyeballs

Longans, Passion Fruits

4. Haunted Graveyard

Jackfruit, Buddha’s Hand

5. Sugar Worms

Buddha’s Hand, Candied Buddha’s Hand Worms

6. Freaky Fruits Salad

Kiwano Melon, Dragon Fruit, Strawberry Papaya, Cherimoya, Finger Limes

7. Dragon Egg Stew

Cactus Pears, Rambutans, Longans

8. Lime Slime Punch

Melissa’s White Chia Seeds

Park your brooms and enjoy the party with Freaky Fruits,
Happy Halloween!