The Resharp Revolution Is Here

Now at Mollie Mollie Stone’s Markets: Resharp knife sharpening service available at all our stores. Talk to one of our Meat Department Managers to have your knives sharpened while you watch or shop, about a minute per knife – no appointment necessary.

Factory sharp while you watch

Resharp’s patented system sharpens your knives right in front of you. With unprecedented speed, you get all your knives sharpened in a fraction of the time of other methods.

Consistent, burr-free edge

Resharp’s patented grinding technology scans the shape of your knife, then carefully restores the edge, while removing a minimal amount of material.

Works with most knives

The Resharp system sharpens most American and European style knives as well as Japanese knives with a v-shaped bevel. Bring your chef, pairing, slicing, chopping, santoku, pocket, hunting and specialty knives. *This machine does not sharpen serrated, scalloped, or ceramic knives.

*Our trained butchers will keep your knives looking sharp! Ask about a specialized Resharp carrying case to get your knives to and from your destination sharp.

If you are curious about your knife, stop by one of our nine locations below:

Tower Market, San Francisco, CA: Hours and Location

Burlingame, CA: Hours and Location

Greenbrae, CA: Hours and Location

Palo Alto, CA: Hours and Location

San Bruno, CA: Hours and Location

San Mateo, CA: Hours and Location

Castro Market, San Francisco, CA: Hours and Location

Grand Central Market, San Francisco, CA: Hours and Location

Sausalito, CA: Hours and Location

Learn more in-store or at today!

*Resharp machines are not for sale.