Ask Our Chef: National Sandwich Month!

Learn how to take your sandwich game to the next level this National Sandwich Month!

School is here and sandwich season is kicking into full gear. With National Sandwich Month upon us our very own Executive Chef Ness has the key tips and tricks to building, crafting and plating your next perfectly stacked meal.

Bread is the foundation. Make it count!

Just like building a house, a top notch foundation isn’t something to skimp out on. To ensure a strong start to your sandwich always use freshly baked breads. I recommend our wide selection of rolls and baguettes baked fresh daily.

Think Quality Ingredients 1st.

Here at Mollie Stone’s quality is key to every aspect of our markets. We think the same ideal should be applied to the ingredients of your sandwich. From the star of the show, the charcuterie, to unforgettable cheese slices, flavor enhancing condiments like pesto mayo, and even to the lettuce and tomato, our focus on fresh and local will ensure a beat isn’t skipped when you are handcrafting your masterpiece.

Sandwiches have pairings too.

That’s right! Just like a meal and a fine wine, sandwiches are even greater with their flavorful counterparts. For example, using fire roasted meats? Look towards seasoned potato wedges. Having a Ruben? Accent the pickling spices in the meat with a crisp pickle spear.  Finally, there isn’t a more classic combo than coleslaw and a great pulled pork sandwich!

Finally, presentation is everything.

While sandwiches can be well enjoyed on the go or plated, you can always go the extra mile in the details. Cutting along the bias brings style to your curated flavors. Stacking mile high? Look to bamboo knot skewers! While on the rise in restaurants there is function to this form by providing a stronger and longer structure to support your next delectable creation!