Render’s State Bird Crunch—Smoked Fish Schmear

State Bird Crunch—Smoked Fish Schmear


  • Smoked trout or salmon, diced 1 oz (30g)
  • Cream cheese or labne 1 oz (30g)
  • Lemon juice 1 ½ teaspoons (8g)
  • Capers 2 teaspoons (6g)
  • Red onion, minced  3 teaspoons (10g)
  • Chives, minced  2 tablespoons (8g)
  • Salt, kosher (to taste)
  • Sea Salt Bird Seed ½ cup (60g)

Get all these ingredients and more delivered in as little as 1 hour!


  1. Fold ingredients together until fully incorporated.
  2. Spread on toast, bagel, pile of potato chips, or even half of an avocado.
  3. Top with Sea Salt Bird Seed and enjoy!

Who is Render?

The Render team is a group of chefs who spent years cooking in Michelin-starred restaurants. Now we’re collaborating with renowned chefs to render the food of their acclaimed kitchens into snacks and beverages that are better tasting, better for you, and better for the planet. We take a purposeful approach to sourcing and cooking to ensure we choose only the highest quality whole ingredients and then mine those ingredients to bring out the best flavor.  This allows us to sustainably deliver tasty nourishment that you can enjoy anytime, anywhere.

The State Bird Crunch Story

Our State Bird Crunch was developed with Stuart Brioza and Nicole Krasinski, the James Beard Award-winning chefs of the Michelin-starred restaurant State Bird Provisions in San Francisco. It was inspired by a quinoa dish in their restaurant. When they have leftover quinoa, they crisp it and mix it with seeds and spices to make a crispy, tasty topping that gets sprinkled over new dishes in their restaurant each night. We loved the tremendous flavor and texture of this topping, so together we turned it into snackable, protein-packed, crunchy quinoa bites in three flavors—Sea Salt, Almond Rosemary and Furikake. We worked hard to make our bites crushable, so now you can add the same flavor and texture to any of your dishes at home, or simply enjoy this savory, plant-based complete protein snack wherever life takes you.

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