Mollie’s Must Have Mushrooms

This winter in our produce department we are excited to carry these lesser-known but highly sought after mushroom varieties. The holiday season may be a time for tradition but it’s also a time to explore new flavors! Explore with us the Maitake, Matsutake, Trumpet Mushrooms and Chanterelles.


Maitake don’t have a squeaky texture, but a delicate and feathery one and is easy to cook. Only use a brush to clean. With it’s leafy structure just pull the mushroom apart and sauté, no slicing needed.


Matsutake are held in high regard the world over for their powerful flavor and spicy odor. Less is more when cooking matsutake. Wipe these mushrooms down thoroughly with a damp cloth, rather than soaking in water.

Trumpet Mushrooms

Trumpet Mushrooms (largest of the oyster mushroom species) hold up well in soups and stir fry. When raw there is little flavor or aroma, but cooked, taste and texture is similar to an abalone, the stem is also edible.


Chanterelle’s with their golden hue are crisp and firm with an apricot-like aroma. When cooked they’re meaty and chewy and best sliced and sautéd. Clean between gills with a brush under slowly running water. Don’t soak.