Happy Pi(e) Day!

On March 14th, or 3.14, we indulge ourselves on the delicious dessert that is pie but let’s ROUND back to the true origin of this delectable day, Pi Day!

Why do we celebrate Pi Day on March 14th?

Pi, outside the kitchen and in the mathematical world is often represented by the Greek letter π. This symbol represents a mathematical constant, the ratio of the circumference of a circle to its diameter. The numerical value of this less edible Pi is known to go on infinitely however it’s most often remembered by it’s first initial digits … 3.14!

Worldwide and in our very own Mollie Stone’s Markets Pi Day has become quite the celebration for math and baked goods lovers alike! This global phenomenon has truly made its mark on our calendars with the most common way to celebrate being a slice of Pi’s homonym partner in crime, PIE – Yum!

Come by our Bakery Departments to celebrate this “Well Rounded” Holiday and get a slice of one of our gourmet fruit pies and at select locations a slice of our Mollie’s Pizza “Pies” for only $3.14 a slice from now until 3.16!

*Sale Price Only Valid: 3.11.20 – 3.16.20