The Feast Tray

You’ve heard of the cheese tray but we are stepping our game up this Father’s Day with the FEAST Tray!

It’s time to make a hearty spread worthy of Dad. This guide will help you build your trays from the star of the board down to the last mixed nut!



The Charcuterie

This is a must-have for your bountiful boards! We recommend our favorites, Olympia Provisions’ Sopresatta Salami Chub and Molinari and Sons’ Mild Molinari Salami Chub. However, your choices are endless for this portion and we encourage you to explore options like a thinly sliced prosciutto or mortadella. Visit our Delicatessen to learn all you need to know on what will be best for your palette.

The Cheese

Yes, cheese! Even though this is not a cheese focused tray a little cheese is always welcome in our eyes to tie a great time together. Our selections for this Feast Tray are Black Creek‘s 3 Year Cheddar and Marin French Cheese’s Triple Cream Brie.

Wine, Beer & Spirits

With a symphony of flavors flowing across your styled spread, let’s amplify those delicious notes with our hand selected picks!

  • Wine: Beringer Knights Valley Cabernet Sauvignon
  • Beer: Lagunitas Hazy Wonder
  • Whiskey: Suntory TOKI Whiskey

Bread, Crackers & All the Add-Ons

Now that you have all the key players on your board don’t forget the important movers and shakers of flavors and textures! Pull everything together with a fresh Firebrand Bread Sourdough Baguette and a box of Rustic Bakery Olive and Sel Gris Flatbread Bites. Also don’t forget the mixed nuts and your choice of dried or fresh fruits!

Are you ready to get your feast on? Head to your local Mollie Stone’s Markets to find all of these items – including all the serving trays and utensils* you need to make this a memorable Father’s Day!

*Selections may vary at each location. Available while supplies last.