Celebrating Sustainability

Happy Earth Day! At Mollie Stone’s Markets, our Buyers are constantly searching for the highest quality products. For us, the definition of highest quality includes sustainable and regenerative practices.

We know that one of the first steps you can take towards your journey to green living is when you shop local and shop sustainably.

That is why we are so proud to carry as many products as possible that are good for you and the planet.

California Avocados, Clover Sonoma, Equator Coffees, The Nicasio Valley Cheese Co., Bonterra Organic Vineyards and Force of Nature Meats are just a few of our favorite brands who utilize Sustainable and Regenerative Practices.

California Avocados

About 3,000 California Avocado farmers locally and responsibly grow creamy, delicious and nutritious avocados. As we celebrate Earth Day, it’s important to celebrate the California growers who nurture the avocados and the land every step of the way. California Avocado growers use environmentally friendly farming methods and are committed to regenerative agriculture practices, which work to restore the natural benefits Mother Nature provides, like healthy soils.


  • Environmentally friendly farming
  • Locally grown = less transport = fewer carbon emissions
  • Ensured worker safety and well-being

Clover Sonoma

Clover Sonoma dairy comes from local, family farms, who have been in the business for generations, right here in California.

From pasture-raised, organic, and regenerative practices, to being American Humane Certified, their family farms ensure that farm to table quality.

Equator Coffees

At Equator Coffees, they believe that coffee can be roasted better, brewed better, and, most importantly, it can be sourced in a way that makes people’s lives better.

As a female-founded business and the first certified B Corp coffee roaster in California, sustainability, inclusivity, and long-term relationships are at the heart of everything that they do. They’re committed to a global sustainability movement that’s working to build better lives for every hand that touches coffee from seed to sip.

Obsessive attention to quality sourcing, roasting expertise, and a 29 year commitment to sustainability create a remarkable experience in every cup.

The Nicasio Valley Cheese Co.

The Nicasio Valley Cheese Co. has been making organic, farmstead cow’s milk cheese since 2010. They utilize milk from their 100+ year old family dairy to make their truly handcrafted, small batch, specialty cheeses. They are certified organic and are proud members of the Marin County Agricultural Community.

Through their commitment to producing the highest quality, sustainable, ethical, milk and cheese possible, they embrace the sustainable practices of rotational grazing, waste recycling and fertilizing fields with their own compost.

Bonterra Organic Vineyards

From organic pioneers to regenerative organic visionaries, Bonterra Organic Vineyard’s purpose-driven path in business and environmental responsibility aims to cultivate the future and leave the earth better than they found it.

They are the largest winery to achieve the rigorous certification of Regenerative Organic (ROC) by the Regenerative Organic Alliance (ROA) at the silver level for 100% of their Mendocino County Vineyards and Winery. Some of the many reasons they received this prestigious certification is through integrating animals into the farm, use of cover crops, reduced tillage, composting, planting hedgerows and insectaries (at McNab) and maintaining a focus on worker fairness.

Force of Nature Meats

Force of Nature is on a mission to improve our environment and health through regenerative agriculture while answering the community’s call for food raised in a way that truly aligns with their values. The term “regenerative” means that the agriculture systems in which this food was raised honor the systems within Mother Nature. They care for the soil, respect diversity in plants and animals on the land, and focus on natural outcomes versus synthetic inputs. That means no tilling, no synthetic chemicals, no hormones or antibiotics, and beautiful, wide-open spaces. The result is what you expect.

Mollie Stone’s is Prioritizing Sustainability

Our commitment to sustainability doesn’t just stop with the products that you can find on our shelves.

We are proud that all nine of our locations participate in various food waste donation programs. Food will get redistributed, composted, and in some cases even turned into biofuel.

We utilize energy-saving LED lighting systems in all of our remodeled stores, and our locations with living walls provide both beauty and benefit. They use recycled water, help reduce ambient temperature, and increase local biodiversity.

Join us as we make a difference, not only in people’s lives through food, but also for the planet.

Read more about our sustainability practices by clicking HERE.