Earth Day

Earth Day

Earth Day! – Celebrating Regenerative Agriculture

Today is Earth Day and we are so proud to carry brands that have adopted sustainable or regenerative agriculture practices.

What is Regenerative Agriculture?

 It’s a conservation and rehabilitation approach to farming systems that focuses on rebuilding nutrient dense topsoil which increases nutrient density in our food, increasing biodiversity, improving water cycles, and increasing resilience to climate change by drawing down atmospheric carbon dioxide by growing plants that move carbon dioxide into the soil.  

This holistic approach makes more

Earth Day

Earth Day Berry Basket


Celebrate Earth Day by making this very berry Mollie Stone’s basket out of one of our iconic brown paper bags!

Supplies: 1 Mollie Stone’s Paper Bag Ruler Scissor Pencil Hot Glue Gun Binder Clips or Clothes Pins Directions: Cut the bag along one side seam and bottom seam. Open up the but brown bag and lay flat. Measure and cut (18) 1” Strips. Fold each strip into thirds. Weave 10 strips together and secure with hot glue and set aside. Glue two strips together and repeat until you have 3 long strips. Weave the more