Cheese of the Week: Fiore di Bufala


  • Producers: La Casera
  • Region: Lombardy, Italy
  • Milk: Pastuerized buffalo’s milk
  • Ripening: Fresh
  • Texture: Soft


In 1991, Eros Burratti opened La Casera, a small shop specializing in wine, cheese and cured meats. His dedication to superior local cheeses allowed him to expand to later include a ripening labratory and aging caves. The success of La Casera prompted Eros to export his cheese internationally, and now we get to enjoy the quality cheeses produced in the surrounding northern hills of Italy. An example is their Fiore di Bufala, small soft pillows of pasteurized buffalo’s milk. Rich and buttery, this fresh cheese has a comforting smooth flavor, much like chevre or fromage blanc. Try it added to a salad, spread on toast, or in any dish that could use some extra creaminess.

La Casera showcases their range of cheeses here.

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