Cheese of the Week: La Tur


  • Producers: Caseificio dell’Alta Langa
  • Region: The Langhe, Piemonte, Italy
  • Milk: Pasteurized cow, goat, and sheep’s milk
  • Ripening: 8-10 days
  • Texture: Soft


The Langhe region is an agricultural center of northern Italy, producing many famous wines and cheeses. Caseificio dell’Alta Langa’s cheese factory is set among the scenic hills and meadows, and makes classic cheese with local ingredients. The area is known for Robiola cheese (a blend of cow, goat and sheep’s milk) and La Tur continues that deep-rooted tradition. It is aged for 8-10 days, and emerges with a dense cylindrical rind and a lush, creamy center. Its sweet and buttery texture contains traces of cream and fresh grass with a subtle, mild flavor. La Tur pairs well with white wine, fresh fruit, lagers, and atop sweet walnut or raisin breads.

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