Columbus Foods: Old World Artisan Meats

  • Founded: 1917 in San Francisco as San Francisco Sausage Company
  • Location: Hayward, CA
  • Products: Salame, deli meats, cheese, condiments


Columbus Foods has prided itself on sticking to three principles of Italian cooking since their inception almost 100 years ago: start with the finest ingredients, take extra time, and keep it wholesome. These principles have guided them well through the years and their successful line of fine meats, cheeses, and condiments serves as proof of their dedication.

San Francisco Sausage Company began in 1917, producing authentic Old World artisan salame and sausage. Today, they have expanded to a state-of-the-art packaging facility in Hayward and those meats are just two of their many specialties. They produce traditional Italian delicacies like Hot Sopressata and Calabrese Salame ‘Fiore’. Fiore means “bloom” in Italian, and refers to the aromatic mold that develops on the salame as it dry ages naturally to enhance flavor.

Columbus has also evolved with the times to include reduced sodium turkey and salame, and recently introduced a sustainably produced Farm to Fork Naturals line of uncured meats. A variety of condiments and 15 cheeses make Columbus a one stop shop for making a fully loaded sandwich. From Italy to the Bay Area, Columbus Foods has stayed true to their delicious roots.


A group of Mollie Stone’s employees recently toured Columbus’ production facility and sampled some of their signature delicacies. What a fun day!

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