Milton & Small Cold Brew Coffee

After venturing the world together, Brian and Joseph (the duo behind Milton & Small) decided to team up and create a business to capture the spirit of their journeys. Coffee! You can find it everywhere. It can be prepared many different ways. And, it’s more than a ritual; it’s a way of life. As luck would have it, they each had their own unique connections to coffee; Brian a recipe for Cold Brew (a gift from his roots in Florida), and Joseph, a relationship with a Bay Area coffee roastery. So the two started experimenting with beans and technique, they did pop-ups and farmers’ markets, and mused over names and design. It was decided: cold brew coffee would be their craft.

Keep reading to learn more about Milton & Small’s cold brew, and how to enjoy this concentrated concoction.

Milton & Small makes their cold brew coffees in micro-batches. They currently have two varietals: a Medium Roast made with beans from Peru that are certified Organic by Bio Latina SAC, and a Dark Roast made with beans from Bolivia that also are certified Organic by Bio Latina SAC. These beans are roasted locally (in the East Bay) and brewed by Milton & Small in Emeryville.

For the uninitiated, cold brewing is a process where you steep coffee in cold water. The process produces a smooth, flavorful coffee concentrate that’s traditionally served over ice. To make an Iced Latte, Milton & Small recommends pouring equal pars cold brew coffee and milk (or non-dairy) over ice. And hot coffee drinkers, don’t despair. These cold brews can be heated in the microwave, though Milton & Small recommends adding water first (1:1 ratio), then heating for 90 seconds. How convenient does that sound?

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