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Larry’s Pumpkins

This year, Mollie Stone’s is sourcing our unique selection of more than 15 different pumpkin and gourd varietals from a well-known grower in Fairfield’s Suisun Valley named Larry Balestra. Larry is a 3rd generation grower with an old-fashioned philosophy about farming, taking time, nurturing and trusting with every crop.

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The Inspirational Story behind Wonderfully Raw

Sequoia visits Mollie Stone’s San Mateo

At age sixty, Sequoia Cheney is embarking on a completely unplanned new adventure, that is Wonderfully Raw. One thing led to the other and before she knew it, she’s became proud founder of a raw foods company—“I never imagined myself at this time in my life creating a new company, new products and doing it with the people I love most, my family.”  Here’s here truly inspiring story: Continue reading

Local Greens, An Alternative Farm in Our Very Own Urban Backyard

Sunflower Microgreens

When you think of a farm, you probably imagine a green field that spans miles and miles somewhere along Highway I-5. Little did you know, there’s a thriving 2,000 square foot farm right in the heart of Berkeley. Last week we took a behind-the-scenes tour of Local Greens, a fully operational organic farm inside of a warehouse space. They currently produce over 2,000 pounds of microgreens each month! It’s quite impressive considering they only have 12 employees, most of them working only part-time. Founders Ron and Faye (a father-daughter team) gave us the scoop on how they make it happen:

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The Seriously Sweet Gluten-Free Story Behind Bread SRSLY

Sadie Scheffer

Delicious gluten-free bread, is that even possible? Thanks to Bread SRSLY founder Sadie Scheffer, it definitely is. Her story is even “SRSLY” sweet! She moved out to California from Boston and started learning how to bake bread to win over a boy. In 2009, when she learned that her crush went gluten-free, she began testing all sorts of recipes until the bread (and herself) were simply irresistible. Continue reading

Carol Steed’s Favorite Blueberry Recipes

Summer is quickly approaching and we’re starting to see some amazing berries in our stores.

We asked Carol Steed of Fairfield Farms for her favorite blueberry recipes. She sent us her twist on two classic ways to use blueberries. Her Blueberry Power Smoothie is a great way to start the day, and her Favorite Blueberry Pie is absolutely the perfect way to end it!

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Meet the Growers: Carol and Bill Steed of Fairfield Farms

This year we’re sourcing organic blueberries from Fairfield Farms. After visiting the farm in Pauma Valley, our produce buyer told us “the farm is beautiful, the berries are incredible, and the owners Bill and Carol Steed have passion you can feel.”

Curious to learn more about the growers behind these berries, we set up an interview with Carol. She shared their story (and a few of her delicious blueberry recipes, too).

How long have you been farming, and how did you get into it?
We first started with farming in 1998, with 60 acres of avocados. Bill’s grandfather had been a citrus farmer in Florida and when we were in our 20s, Bill took me to visit and I was smitten. For years afterwards, even though we both had other careers, we would drive into Pauma Valley on our way to a family camp and dream about farming. Then in the late 90s we decided to pursue our interest seriously. We first purchased the avocado orchard; it was really my endeavor, at that point. I would visit weekly, loving every moment, and Bill continued to work in Finance in Los Angeles. Then in 2003, I got cancer, we decided to sell the orchard to ease my responsibilities, but the day we signed the papers, we realized that this was our passion. We pledged to change our lifestyle and almost a year later we purchased Fairfield Farms.

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Haig’s Delicacies: Bringing the Mediterranean to the Bay Area

It’s hard to believe, but it wasn’t always easy to find good falafel in San Francisco. An Armenian immigrant named Haig changed that when he opened his small shop in 1956. On a popular corner in the Richmond District, Haig began serving traditional Mediterranean foods and selling rare international spices, coffees, teas and gifts. His shop was one of the first to sell falafel sandwiches in the city, and chef and writer James Beard was a frequent visitor.

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Summer Spotlight: Heirloom Tomatoes from Terra Firma Farm

Heirloom tomatoes have been handed down from farmer to garden over generations. They come in all different shapes and sizes: small to large, round to knobby, to fluted. They are also in all colors of the rainbow: not just red but pink, green, brown, yellow, orange, purple, white and various combinations. There are green and yellow striped heirloom tomatoes, red and orange striped, and even purple and green striped.

Different tomato colors generally indicate different flavors. Black and purple tomatoes tend to be highly acidic, which makes them tangy and rich. Lighter colored tomatoes are generally milder in flavor with lower acidity, so pink is milder than red, and down the line from orange to yellow to green to white.


Heirlooms also come with colorful names. Cherokee Purple, Paul Robeson and Black Prince are all purple/brown/black varieties. Brandywine are large pink tomatoes. Kellogg’s Breakfast is a big yellow variety. Valencia is the size and color of an orange. Green Zebra…you get the picture. Continue reading

November 21, 2013: Meet the Chocolatier featuring Gary Guittard

Join us at Mollie Stone’s Burlingame on Thursday, November 21, 2013, to meet award winning chocolatier Gary Guittard of the Guittard Chocolate Company! We’re hosting a meet and greet with Gary, who will be available to answer your questions and to share samples of his new Collection Etienne Baking Bars and Single Origin Bars.

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4pm – 6pm on Thursday, November 21, 2013
Mollie Stone’s Burlingame

1477 Chapin Avenue, Burlingame, CA

We hope to see you there! Click here to learn more about Gary and the Guittard Chocolate Company.